On-Line Yoga Classes

Why On-Line Yoga?

  • Practice yoga at your convenience – we upload recordings of live classes which you can access any time that suits you.


  • You can perform your yoga practice by yourself or with other members of your household.


  • Save time and money on travelling.


  • Be part of a friendly and supportive like-minded community.



Online Yoga in the Garden!

  • I am new to yoga and want to ensure I am doing it correctly.


  • I want to experience the benefits of yoga for myself.


  • I want to learn how to practice yoga safely.


  • I would like to have confidence in my yoga abilities.


  • I want to develop a solid foundation from which I can keep improving.

Take Me to Yoga For Beginners

Peacock Pose Variation, a part of our Mixed Ability Yoga class

  • I have been doing yoga for at least 6 months.


  • I want to improve my yoga practice and take it to new heights.


  • I like a class that has lots of variety.


  • I like to be challenged and taken out of my comfort zone.


  • I like trying out new things.

Take Me to Mixed Ability Yoga


What our students say . . . 


” Thank you for the session which we caught up this morning. The beauty of catching up at our own convenient time. “


Love that I can replay classes when it suits my schedule. 😁 “


” Am now practicing yoga 3-4 a week instead of one class a week. “


“Thank you Miti & Mehul for a wonderful session. Definitely feel relaxed and stretched out this Sunday morning – perfect start to the day. Looking forward to the next class! 💞”




We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:


   miti@yogawithmandm.com / mehul@yogawithmandm.com

    07988440365 / 07931717788