Yoga Classes

Yoga is much more than just another form of physical exercise…


It is a holistic discipline, whose practices are designed to improve all aspects of ourselves: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We aim to deliver all our classes in such a way that students are able to appreciate the wider nature of yoga.


We provide a nurturing environment that encourages our students to keep growing, venturing outside their comfort zone without fear of criticism or judgement.


That does not mean that our classes are easy, without any challenges. Life is full of challenges, and in our classes the time spent on our yoga mat is used as a training ground for how to cope with life. For example, we learn how to perform asanas with courage, determination and strength, as well as with patience, love and compassion: qualities that would serve us well as we approach life and its challenges!

The words here can only convey so much, why not come along and try out our classes to see for yourself?


Public Classes

We offer several classes throughout the week, all covering the key elements of yoga, so there is definitely something here for you! Have a look at our schedule and get in touch to see how we can help.

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Private Yoga Classes

The private sessions are for people who want to maximise the efficiency of their investment in yoga.  They are suitable for absolutely everyone – from complete beginners to seasoned practitioners.

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Corporate Yoga

We offer corporate yoga classes and workshops, where we can tailor the yoga teaching to your company’s specific needs, drawing upon Mehul’s extensive experience of working with blue-chip organisations.

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