“Miti Shah is one of the most naturally gifted people I’ve ever met.

Her ability to cover all aspects of human nature is quite astonishing and truly represents what Chi Kri is about, and therefore makes her an incredible yoga teacher.

She has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet to be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other – and she can flip between the two at ease! Her level of detail in understanding yoga postures is exceptional, and her creative approach to yoga matches this mental self-mastery.

I find myself time and time again, almost by default, being inclined to recommend Miti to people interested in yoga as she simply is a Natural Choice for any growing yoga aspirant.

Students of Miti will not be disappointed by her genuine, grounded and generous  approach to teaching, a true gem of the yoga world!
Neil Patel, Founder, Director and Grandmaster at Chi Kri Yoga.


Wisdom, humility, respect and knowledge all come to mind when I think of Mehul!

 I had the privilege of both teaching and training Mehul in yoga for many years, and he always displayed the highest and most consistent standards in everything!

 His personality is balanced well between intelligence and joy, and I’ve seen him create some wonderful classes and heard many, many, great things about him as a teacher!

It is rare to meet such a trusting, faithful and steadfast human being, and with the skills of yoga on his side, he is bound to be an inspirational figure to any aspiring yogi. I have trusted Mehul many times within Chi Kri to carry on important tasks and teachings for me, and he does so with confidence and ease, showing his self-control and wisdom.

If someone is looking for an all-round yoga teacher who can deliver physical and verbal instructions clearly, explain the benefits perfectly, and be attentive and kind to each and everyone in the class, then Mehul is quite simply beyond comparison!”

Neil Patel, Founder, Director and Grandmaster at Chi Kri Yoga.


“I cannot recommend Miti and Mehul’s yoga class highly enough. I am rather picky about yoga instructors – some classes I have tried have either felt tedious, intimidating or difficult to follow. With Miti and Mehul nothing could be further from the truth.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting and it feels as though they have a personal relationship with each student…attention is given to each person and their needs.

The classes are extremely well planned and no two sessions are the same.  As someone with a short attention span I’m always surprised at how quickly the 90 minutes fly past and how much I enjoy them.

What makes Mehul’s teaching so good is the clarity of his instructions and the rationale he gives for each posture – when you are desperately attempting to breathe through a daunting pose Mehul’s explanation of its benefits reassures you that it is worthwhile! I always leave feeling like I have accomplished something new which in itself feels fantastic.

More than that though, this Sunday morning fix has done amazing things for my state of mind and levels of stress. I am so grateful to have found such a fantastic class and such dedicated, kind and wise yoga teachers.  Thank you both.”
Ban Kubba


“Mehul and Miti are amazing teachers!  Whether you are a beginner or experienced yoga student, their unique ability to nurture, motivate, and share their extensive yoga knowledge with a dose of humour makes the classes a rewarding experience.  You both have a gift of making everyone feel at ease and are full of lots of info and positive energy and I always leave feeling great. I look forward to my yoga classes each week and have felt the benefits of attending.”
Emma Cooper


“Our journey into the practice of yoga began a year ago with the sole aim to get physically strong and agile.

Miti and Mehul have not only provided this through the various postures and breathing exercises but have equipped us with tools to approach our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in a holistic manner. Each lesson begins by exploring a theme centred around core values and at times current events. As the class progresses, the focus changes to the more physical aspect of yoga, but we are never far removed from the theme of the day.

Miti and Mehul’s classes are attended by people who range from beginners to advanced level, yet they are able to focus on each individual and get the best out of everyone.

We would highly recommend their classes to anyone wishing to enjoy the benefits of yoga.”

Nital and Pratik Shah



I met Miti one Saturday afternoon while I was shopping Harrow town centre and I’m so glad I did! I had never done Yoga before so thought I would give it ago. It was the best thing I did. I was suffering from severe anxiety and have done for quite some time.

Her classes are excellent. They made me feel more in control of my life, calmer and relaxed. I would have trouble falling asleep at night but after Miti’s classes I would always get a good nights sleep.

Every class is different and unique. In each class she starts by sharing some examples of Chi Kri philosophy and spiritual teachings applying them to us in everyday life. It makes you look at life from a different perspective and feel so much better about yourself.

Her caring attitude is extended to each individual in the class. In fact, her care and kindness is out of this world. She would always ring me the day after the class to see how I was and if I was ok. I knew I could ring her anytime if I wanted to talk about anything. I cannot thank her enough for helping me with my anxiety and to enjoy a more calm and peaceful life.

She is more than just a yoga instructor, she is a friend for life :)”
Priti Lad


“As a Managing Director I feel that the well-being of the company is directly related to the well-being of staff. Through Mehul’s expert guidance we were able to put together a yoga class that all our staff could participate in. As well as the natural benefits yoga provides I believe that the opportunity for staff to relax and exercise together added to the beneficial experience. I would certainly recommend Mehul and yoga to any business.”
Colville Wood, Managing Director, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“I would wholeheartedly recommend Miti’s Yoga classes to all! I’ve been a student of Miti’s for the past year now and it’s been an unforgettable adventure diving into a different experience with every session.

The best thing about these classes is that no matter what age, build or fitness level you are, you’re guaranteed to get a great work out. Mind body and soul!

As a teacher, I’ve always found Miti to be friendly, warm, considerate and wonderfully thoughtful, going the extra mile to make sure all students in her class feel at ‘home’. She’s always genuinely willing to help and look after her students and strives to provide such kindness even outside of class. I didn’t know a lot about Yoga before starting these classes but having my weekly Chi Kri family reunion has gracefully awarded me an insight into Yoga’s true meaning.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, I always aim to try new things every now and then to keep things fresh and exciting. I find myself always wanting to come back to Chi Kri lessons as each class feels invigoratingly unique.

Personally, these classes have helped me deal with emotional insecurities and low self confidence in a remarkable way. It’s incredible just how personal this experience has become for me and I would consider any opportunity to recommend these classes an extraordinary privilege.”

C Ezekwe (Chi Kri Teacher)


“Mehul and Yoga saved my life!

The love, care and attention Mehul gives to his students is something you will never experience anywhere else.

It is so genuine that you start to feel like a family, knowing that he is always there when you need him day or night ready to get you through those tough days.

I recently experienced something resulting in serious anxiety and panic attacks, my confidence dropped significantly and I could barely leave the house at one stage.

Yoga and Mehul both saved me, within a few weeks not just I could feel the difference in myself but others around me too had commented. I couldn’t believe it myself two such simple things making such a huge impact on my life and my personality. 

Thank you Mehul for taking the time and introducing me to Yoga!”
Binita Shah


“With a pure and caring approach, Miti incorporates all mind body and soul yoga principals into every single class. She creates a calm and supportive learning environment ensuring that each students confidence is developed.

I feel touched by her individualised support both in class and out. Her weekly emails following the class encourage me to take ownership of my mind in order to live a peaceful, creative and meaningful life.

Her yoga classes, along with Mehul’s, have inspired me to take on life’s challenges like a warrior, to laugh like a child and most importantly try my very hardest to always remain grounded like a tree.

Any time I feel down, going to yoga class instantly raises my spirits. I will be forever grateful for discovering these beautiful classes and teachers. Join us, I promise, you will not look back :-)”
Nilam Patel


“I have been attending Miti’s classes for over a year and a half now.  When I first attended, I was sceptical about it wondering whether it was for me or not.  I was then just out of an abusive relationship and felt that it was time to take the first step and do something for myself.

When I attended the first session, Miti was very welcoming and non-judgmental.  It was a mixed ability class and everyone in the class was non-judgmental too. Miti would make sure that each and everyone got something out of it and adapted it accordingly.

I was overwhelmed with my first lesson feeling a sense of great accomplishment at the end of it.  For the first time in months I was able to clear negative thoughts from my mind.  Miti could not have been any more supportive.  From that  day on I joined and have been attending her classes once a week.  I am still surprised at what a huge difference it makes by attending just once a week, not only to your physical self but also your mind set in life.

It is a holistic class.  The class consists of spiritual teachings, which may sound like it is not for everyone but I can guarantee that everyone can take something out of them.  There is lots of stretching and cardio work.   We also spend time relaxing and meditating.  I don’t know any other class that covers all these aspects and at the same time also have a little giggle and a laugh in-between, making them fun too.

Her classes are really amazing.   I have already introduced 3 people to them who are also loving them.

Give it a go is all I can say.    My state of mind is completely different now and on the upside I feel much stronger, healthier and wiser.  This has played a big part in my new healthy life and relationship… leading to a wedding this year 😊

Thank you so much Miti.”

S Watson


“As a Yoga novice and not the fittest person, I attended my first Yoga class with some trepidation. I needn’t have worried as Mehul was very patient and his inclusive approach soon put everyone at ease. He is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. His infectious passion for Yoga transferred to everyone in my class and made for a highly enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend Mehul highly enough and couldn’t have wished for a better instructor.”
Darren B, Total Objects Limited, London EC3 


“I cannot emphasis enough how much I have improved my well being, both mentally and physically as a result of Miti’s teaching. Her classes have been stimulating, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. Much of the techniques I have learnt I can put into my everyday life from the simply breathing techniques to the mediation, which has improved my awareness and confidence in dealing with challenging situations. I look forward to many more classes with Miti.”

Mitin Parmar


“When Sandeep & I started Mehul’s Sunday morning class 2 years ago, we knew we were going to love it.  Both Mehul and Miti are very knowledgeable and inspirational teachers.  Each class is so well thought out and inventive that there is a wonderful flow to our asana that makes the physical challenges a pleasure!  They also incorporate pranayama and meditation techniques into the sessions and encourage us to practice during the week emphasising the need to make yoga a way of life.

Both Mehul and Miti have their own unique teaching styles – their classes are very creative and we always feel the passion and energy they bring to each one.

The sessions are cleverly structured so that each student can progress within the same class at their own level and there is the opportunity to move to certain classes which take the student to a higher level.

We enjoy the classes so much that we have introduced our daughter Sneha to Chi Kri Yoga this year.  After a full day at university she has found the classes to be both energising and spiritually uplifting.

We are now working on persuading our 16 year old to also join us too!”
Anju Varshani



“Like many other people in Miti’s Tuesday evening class I have been attending the class for several years.  The fact that so many of us have stayed for so long is a testament to the friendly atmosphere and the incredible support and encouragement Miti gives. 

She clearly loves yoga, and is a great teacher. Each class is different, but cover the core areas – helping develop strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.  We also cover pranayama (breathing), and meditation in some classes. 

It is never boring, and Miti has great taste in music, which is used to motivate some of the more energetic sequences. 

Unlike other forms of exercise I have tried, yoga with Miti never seems like a chore and I like the feeling that I am making progress physically and in other ways through yoga.   Miti and Mehul also provide workshops covering different aspects of yoga practice which I would also highly recommend for anyone who is interested in understanding yoga more deeply.

Miti, I would like to thank you so much in helping me develop my yoga practice over the last five years or more – particularly introducing me to yoga philosophy; and for being such a positive role model.  ….I don’t think I had missed a class (or only very rarely) and this is because it is always such a positive experience.”
James Thickins


“Almost 2 years ago I came to one of Mehul’s Chi Kri Yoga classes as a trial, and have been coming back ever since.

Consistent and regular practise at these yoga classes has benefited me greatly. Not only are the classes a great physical workout but the philosophical and spiritual aspects are also very valuable.  Each class is the perfect balance of challenging asanas/sequences, pranayama and meditation that leaves my body feeling energised and accomplished and my mind feeling calm and peaceful.

You can clearly see how passionate Mehul is about the practise and that really radiates in the way that he teaches; he is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a fun teacher!”
Sonal Lavingia


“I was introduced to Miti’s class back in September 2017 by one of my close friends. I had seen the results through her and had heard how amazing these classes were so I was very intrigued.

On my first day, I met Miti before the class started and she was very welcoming, I immediately felt at ease.  In class I felt like I was taken on a 1.5 hour journey through spiritual, physical and mental bliss and that was it, I was hooked. 😊

I have not missed a class since and look forward to it every week. Her classes are magical and have helped me on so many levels. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my overall well-being, strength, flexibility, will power, patience and health.

She teaches you a lot of very important life lessons that we all need reminding of from time to time as well as guiding you to develop your practice and achieve an elevated sense of well-being in all aspects.

The classes start in a relaxed manner by sharing her teachings and allowing the class to interact. We then move onto breathing and easing into the postures and as the class progresses we work more into the postures, working on strengthening the whole body whilst perfecting balance, stamina and determination. At the end of the class we cool down and experience a great meditation session and chanting.

I have since recommended her to another friend who has also benefitted greatly from her teachings. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience her classes!

Thank you once again Miti for all that you do! 🙏🏻”

Alex B


“Mehul is a great yoga instructor who is able to run a mixed-ability class that offers a challenge for everyone. Our class all started as beginners, but as some progressed at different speeds Mehul offered different routines to keep things interesting and fresh. I often use the routines Mehul taught me at the gym as they are also a great way to warm up or cool down after a workout.”
Kenny C, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“Miti is an extraordinary teacher with a beautiful approach to yoga, mind body and soul. Her lessons are always fun as she injects her humour into it as well. She always manages to challenge you but adjust to a pace suitable for everyone. I felt tremendous effects just after one lesson, and to my surprise felt far more de-stressed and balanced after. I think I went in expecting just a yoga fitness class. But I left not just exercising my body, but also exercising my mind and my thinking. I highly recommend Miti and the Chi Kri approach to yoga.”

Mathew Lewis


“I attended Mehul’s yoga classes with some work colleagues, most of us had never done any yoga before at all. Mehul adapted his classes to teach us all the basics and essence of yoga.  I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and looked forward to them.  They were very calming and an insight as to how yoga can be incorporated into my exercise routines”
Annemarie T, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“If yoga were a person, what sort of personality would they have? Peaceful, passionate, selfless, engaging, spiritual, magical, determined and with no judgement.

All of these characteristics, Miti Shah has in an abundance.

Miti’s yoga classes are full of love, light and inspiration -perfect for every level of knowledge and experience.

With every class you will learn and grow, leaving with a new sense of gratitude and perspective.

One of the main teachings, and something which will always resound in me is: “there is a reason why we are called human BEINGS and not human DOINGS, So just BE.”

Be the best version of yourself, be calm, be happy, be willing, be Yoga.

So don’t count the days, make the days count and begin your Yoga journey with the wonderful Chikri family.”
Alex Lee



Yoga this term has save me. Saved me from my self, my ego, my destruction.

I want you to know how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you. You have brought me peace, serenity, joy, wisdom. You have taught me to believe in myself in a way I know will be long-lasting.

I want you to know that I have been practising Trinity Breath regularly and I have just started practising daily prayer.

I am also (slowly but surely) working physical asana into my daily life. I see now how grounded this keeps me.

It is your love, effort and continuous compassion that makes our world a better place. It has made being me a better place.

With gratitude from the bottom of my heart, thank you!”
Nilam Patel


“I joined Miti’s classes whilst training for my Chi Kri Gold Standard Teacher Training course.

Miti’s method of teaching is reflective, energetic, positive, focused, inspirational, creative and challenging. She brings out the best in you and helps you to do your utmost best at your own level.

Miti is inspiring and goes out of her way to support you individually, physically and personally. Her classes are innovative and the atmosphere is always warm, inviting and inhibits a family environment.

Miti possesses the skills that nurture a positive outlook in life. She has been a pillar of strength and has helped me to focus on my life with self -belief and confidence.

She has wisdom and great soul qualities that are transformed in her ability to nurture them in everyday life.

She is a dear friend and mentor and I respect her whole heartedly.”
Mina Changela (Chi Kri Gold)


“Dearest Miti,

Wow! What an incredible journey this has been. From the day I joined your class to the amazing future that lies ahead your guidance has been the very rock for my foundations. You helped me to grow and evolve into a totally different person. You have shown me unconditional love, understanding, patience, humility,  and compassion more than anyone has in my life.

Truely inspirational teachers, parents, best friends and perfect role models. I can’t begin to convey my gratitude to your teachings and guidance, all I can say is that I am truly blessed to have met someone like you in my life. I bow down to you Miti, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

God has sent me a such a great teacher that I am forever grateful, he has blessed me with such beautiful souls, things have started to happen and most of all I am now in different place. A place of positivity, hope, and happiness. When you said join the course I so doubted myself, never in a million years did I think I could do this course,  but look how far I have come I can’t believe it. The path of yoga has given me a purpose in life, I wake up every morning with the drive and intention to be a better person than the day before, to do good and great things in this world, to make the world they way god intends it to be.

I was lost and under a dark cloud most days in my life until I met you and joined the course. You and Mehul have opened your arms to me and for that I have the utmost respect for you both. Thank you both so much you both mean alot to me. I still have a lot to learn but with your guidance I have no doubt I will get there.”



“Mehul started a Yoga class at the company we both worked for. I was a complete novice to Yoga, and being 62 years of age and having a replacement hip (and the other hip fairly stiff), I was very surprised at how much I could do under Mehul’s expert guidance.

Mehul was able to teach me all the basics and show me the adaptions to use where certain postures were proving difficult. Unfortunately, Mehul left our company after a few months in order to pursue a career in teaching Yoga, but thanks to the solid grounding he provided I have been able to carry on doing Yoga at my local sports facility. I believe this would have been impossible without the training Mehul provided as the class would have been far too difficult to pick-up.

I will continue to do Yoga and I do believe it will help me to enjoy life far more. I can only wish that I had started it sooner but I wouldn’t have got started without Mehul’s teaching for which I am very grateful. “
Donald R, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“Hi Miti.  Just wanted to say how grateful I am for your classes.  I’ve been in a great mood today after last night’s session.  And you inspired me to meditate again, and I think I’m beginning to really feel the effects of it….”

M Lewis


“I joined Mehul’s Wednesday class six months ago as I was looking for a way of de-stressing and a way to clear my mind from every day stresses and clutter. I had no real idea of yoga or Chi Kri classes.

What I have gained from these classes has helped me emotionally and physically. Mehul’s classes have helped me channel my thoughts towards a calmer and peaceful direction.  I am still learning to improve this each time I go.

Mehul’s words of wisdom, encouragement and enlightenment at each class has helped me immensely and I have been able to take this on board, where previously I would have struggled too. Mehul is extremely dedicated to his students and when he talks it does feel like he is just talking to you. Its very personal and very uplifting.

The physical aspect of Mehul’s yoga classes have changed the way my body feels now. I feel stronger and more dedicated to improving my core, strength and general well being. The Wednesday class is challenging, it can be like doing a work out, but its rejuvenating for the body and the mind.

Mehul’s class is fun, its focused, its tough and its by far the best step I have made in the last year. I would recommend the class to anyone as the benefits will surpass anything you will initially expect.”
Anju Jiwani


“I have now been attending Miti’s classes for about nine months and it has been one of the best decisions I have made to better myself.

I was apprehensive initially whether I would be able to keep up with the classes as I had never attempted Yoga before but the sessions turned out to be very favourable. I am enjoying every bit of it.

Miti’s style of teaching is caring, sensitive and encouraging. Apart from the physical nature of the class there is also a philosophical aspect with uplifting talks and discussions which helps one reflect on the finer points of life. I always leave the class feeling relaxed and energised. I have noticed better fitness levels in myself and my focus and concentration has improved.

I would highly recommend Miti’s classes, and for the beginners, you must try it to believe it!

A big thank you to Miti!”
Sandeep Pattni


“Dear Mehul,

I have so much gratitude, love and respect for you that I cannot even express it without becoming emotional and this is the reason it has taken me so long to write to you….to thank you.

I love your yoga classes so much that I make sure I put away £xx every week just so I can pay for the next term!

When I started your Chi Kri Yoga classes I was weak, not confident, just came off medication and was looking for something, but I didn’t know what.  Your classes started to give me direction.   They have made me stronger, physically and mentally.  They have taught me that with patience I can achieve a lot.

I didn’t even know what the crown of my head was and now I can comfortably do a headstand!

I have come out of your classes in pain, sometimes very emotional, but always, always very happy and content.  I remember once my husband said to me, “I like you when you come from yoga – you’re nicer.”  We had a good laugh.  Your classes brings “my family” happiness.

Unknowingly, what you have given me, how much you have helped me, is priceless.   I will forever be grateful.

With love and respect,”
– Name withheld upon request (Chi Kri Gold)


“Dear Miti,

What a year it has been and without your unconditional support, love, guidance, time and effort for me, I would have definitely not have passed as I did.

You don’t know this, but on the first day last February when Neil was grouping us I was praying that I am in your group and voila! My prayers were listened to.  My heart was attracted to your heart instantly.  Having you as my mentor was incredible and I was one of the lucky ones at that time.  You gave SO MUCH support, guidance, attention and time that is so invaluable.  You spoilt me with all that, that I found it so difficult when I was moved to the other  group.

When I was falling in May, you picked me up.  You held my hand and pushed me forward.  You listened.  You hugged.  You showed me compassion.  If you weren’t there – I would have not been here.  – I am forever grateful for that.

What I have said is very little in comparison for what I feel for you.

Thank you.  Thank you for believing in me, having faith, trust, confidence…… The faith and patience you have shown in me will always be cherished and remembered.

I hope one day I will be a quarter of the teacher you are.

Thus, please accept my humble obeisances…..”
– Name withheld upon request (Chi Kri Gold)


“After 2 years, I can definitely say that I am addicted to my weekly yoga sessions.  Mehul’s classes give me strength (physical and mental), a sense of calmness, a huge sense of achievement and a belief in myself that now stays with me.

Specifically, I really like his teaching style as he takes the time to explain the method and benefits of each technique (be it asana, pranayama or meditation) and then proceeds to go round the class and really focus on helping each person to make sure they are practicing correctly. I love the loose structure of the class where Mehul offers different asanas, pranayama & meditation techniques every week as I like not knowing what comes next and always find that I learn something new every time.

His classes continuously challenge me to go beyond what I think I am capable of physically (I have gone from not being able to hold a plank pose for more than 10 seconds to now being comfortable in a headstand!) and mentally through the range of pranayama and meditation techniques that he guides us through.  I love the fluidity of the physical postures and how Mehul teaches us to move from one to the other with gracefulness.

I really feel that Mehul’s classes have the perfect balance of yoga practice and I always leave a class with a quiet sense of achievement and love for my body.  I feel a lot less tired, sleep better and feel more peaceful – this is definitely above and beyond what I thought I could achieve by attending a 90 minute class every week!

Thank you, Mehul.”
Sangeeta Shah


“Thank you for your wonderful classes over the years.  I’m sure it’s more than four! In all that time, you’ve always been on time and never cancelled once.  It’s quite a record; and never a dull or unconsidered class – always uplifting and wise; and such wonderful energy; and always welcoming and friendly.  Thank you!!”

James T


“I have attended many of Mehul’s yoga classes and was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the manner in which he imparts this to his pupils. I learned much from him and always left each class with a genuine sense of well-being and calm.”
John B, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“I have been attending the Tuesday Yoga class with Miti for a year now. In that time I have seen a huge improvement in my strength, stamina and flexibility.  Her classes always start with a spiritual teaching to reflect on during the lesson before moving through a series of asana, breathing exercises and finishing with a beautiful relaxation. Miti guides you with a mix of careful instruction, demos and a large dose of humour.  She has an ability to help you achieve things you never thought you could including holding plank for 3 minutes!

I have also longed to be able to do headstand for many years, but due to previous neck and shoulder injuries have never been brave enough to try. Recently Miti guided me step by step and before I knew it I was in headstand. I was only able to do this because I had absolute faith and trust in her. Thank you!

I highly recommend this class for anyone whether you are new to yoga or looking to develop your practice.”
Wendy (Chi Kri Teacher)


“I joined Mehul’s yoga class following a recommendation from a friend. And a year later I am still attending his classes which is unusual for me as I tend to lose interest if the class is not inspirational.

It is Mehul’s utter dedication and hard work which make the lessons so challenging yet enjoyable. I have seen an improvement in my body strength and improved body toning. I feel healthier and more energetic since I started the classes. So what makes Mehul’s class so special? His preparation is thorough and every class has a new and different element to it. He plays excellent music and he provides an insight as to why you are doing a particular yoga pose and how it helps your body.

 I also introduced my teenage daughter to Mehul’s yoga class and she is also hooked. It has made a difference to her well-being as she is sitting her GCSE’s. She has learned how to use meditation techniques to calm her nerves during exam stress. I am convinced she will continue these classes and I feel I have introduced her to something that will help her in so many ways for the rest of her life. We now have quite a few daughters attending with their mums.
If there is one change you can make to your life now, I would recommend you to start Chi Kri Yoga”.
Anila Patel


“Miti is a fantastic Yoga teacher and joining her class was a life changing moment.

I joined her classes in Feb 2015 and after just one class felt inspired to join the Chi Kri Gold Standard Teacher training programme. During the programme Miti was one of my mentors and I always felt fully supported despite her very busy schedule, during what was sometimes a very hectic time period.

She is genuine and caring and certainly knows her Yoga! I would without doubt, recommend her classes to anyone interested in not only Yoga, but positive personal development.”
Ankit Shah (Chi Kri Gold)


“I have been doing yoga for a year now with Mehul and Miti. I feel I have benefited in so many ways.I have found that my energy levels have been getting better and I feel more stronger.

My general well being , mental mindset is more calmer and feel more focused . Overall I find my self in better place and in a much happier mood generally. I wish I had started yoga much earlier as I have seen the positive changes in me and looking forward to continuing on this more fulfilled journey.

So what can I say about Mehul and Miti? Well, Mehul is certainly very passionate, although quite strict setting high standards with his teaching, but caring! Miti equally sets very high standards but has just that fun side! Sorry Mehul!! However i have to say both are inspirational and great teachers.”
Rita Popat


“I started the Chi Kri classes with Mehul about 6 months ago… At the time I was viewing it as an exercise class and wasn’t fully aware of the benefits to be gained. I found the classes really engaging… and over the past few months my fitness levels have improved greatly.

The classes have helped me with core strength, and I see the real benefits of no longer having back pain, a greater sense of balance, and overall fitness and flexibility. The greatness benefit has been the philosophy, the physical work is coupled with a rich meaningful philosophy which has really helped subtly change my mindset over time. I’m now calmer and more focussed than I have been, and my confidence and energy levels are higher.

I find the approach in the classes unique, it’s a comfortable, non-judgemental, and nurturing environment. I particularly enjoy the teaching styles, and this is the reason I now attend 2 classes a week.

Miti’s classes are warm, fun, and the deep poses and stretching have contributed greatly to my increased flexibility. I really enjoy the atmosphere and variety. This Wednesday class has made a big difference to my week.

Mehul’s teaching is full of passion, detailed, and subtly challenging, I find myself gently pushing my own boundaries and as a result I have increased fitness level. The Sunday class sets me up for the week with positivity and a strong sense of wellbeing.

Both are highly skilled teachers. In both classes I feel totally comfortable and supported, and as someone who doesn’t really enjoy exercise – I look forward to the classes!

If someone was looking for an enjoyable yoga class, I would recommend Mehul’s and Miti’s classes, they know how to bring out the best in their students and the term feels like a really positive journey.”
Priti Raval


“I look forward to Tuesday evenings since I get to hear Miti’s sweet voice: “Let go”, “Smile”, “It’s ok”, “I am peaceful…”.

All this positive encouragement really helps me, especially as I am a disabled person (MS) and unable to do all the yoga exercises that normal bodies can do….

I am particularly impressed with the kind and compassionate way Miti keeps an eye on my wellbeing in class. …

I am so proud of Miti that as a woman can teach a class full of man as well as women, young and old.  She is perfect yogi who teaches us without a moment of boredom and makes each one of us laugh!  Each week different themes are discussed to make us into a better person both physically and spiritually. I leave each class feeling energised!

I am so happy that Miti is going to train the new teachers! If they learn from the best like Miti, they will be excellent Chi Kri yoga teachers!”

Harsha Popat


“Having thought about trying yoga for many years, I finally started 15 months ago and immediately wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner!

Chi Kri yoga with Mehul is gently challenging  – each session is different, with new stretches, exercises and ‘food for thought’ being introduced.  It is physically, mentally and spiritually rewarding and everybody works at their own level without judgement, just a little encouragement.
As a working mother of two, I always look forward to my yoga sessions as both the physical and meditative aspects of Chi Kri help me to stop thinking about the stresses of everyday life and it helps relax and rejuvenate my body and mind.
The classes are well structured, clear and thought provoking;  helping me to look within myself at my strengths and weaknesses. Although working individually (often completely unaware of other students in the room) there is also a feeling of unity  – of the group working together and supporting each other.
Slowly, week by week, my physical suppleness and emotional strength has increased and I feel I have only just begun a journey which will help me throughout my life.”
Pippa Lofthouse-Smith


“Miti Shah is the best teacher I have ever had for anything.

I started yoga with Miti when I was 34 and was suffering from anxiety. I started 1-2-1 yoga classes with her to help clear my mind and to learn the basics of pranayama to help me deal with the anxiety.  The 1-2-1 classes with Miti offered a lot of councseling and positivity as I was able to talk to her about how I was feeling and what I could do to change the negative and anxious thoughts.

After having six one to one sessions I decided to join Miti’s group classes.

I was hooked after my first class. The energy in the class was vibrant and it was an amazing experience. Having added Miti’s yoga classes to my weekly routine has really helped my mental and physical well being. I would never change this routine for anything.

Not only is Miti a fantastic practitioner, she is also an excellent teacher, instilling a love of yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion. Yoga is helping me to change my life for the better. I have Miti to thank for that. For me, Yoga is Miti.”
Ekta Kurani


“I have been doing yoga ever since I can remember. In all these 40 odd years I can honestly say Mehul has been one of the best teachers I have had the privilege of being taught by.

His classes span so much more than yoga in its physical form. He is technically brilliant, putting us into postures I did not think achievable.  

He is a philosopher, wisely guiding us through the ups and downs of life, inspiring equanimity and courage in the face of stress. He is humorous and clever, making his classes light hearted yet with gravity of character.  He is a life coach who makes us feel safe, calm and brave.

His classes combine physical postures so we are forever agile, pranayama to control our often crazy minds and meditation to unfold deep peace and happiness.  

It’s difficult now to ever go back to a standard, simply posture yoga class again.  As such I hope our public and private class with Mehul will continue for decades to come.”
Richa Varma



You have got such a loving, welcoming and natural motherly way of teaching, so much so, that even if you’re killing us with some of the postures……… you’re forgiven!

Once we are there (after our one hour journey), we really enjoy attending your classes, and come home feeling positive.

Thank you again,



“I have had the pleasure of knowing Miti since starting my own Chi Kri Teacher Training Journey and I am also her student.  She is down to earth, connects with her students with a deep understanding of her students’ needs of Yoga and how to apply it to their daily life.

During my Teacher Training, I received love, encouragement, guidance, knowledge and sometimes sheer hand holding to make sure I understood what I had learnt and applied it. Through her teaching, I have gained confidence in myself which is immeasurable…from a person whose voice was never heard as it’s very quiet, to actually being able to stand in front of a group of strangers and teach with confidence and authority.

As a student of Miti, I find her classes inspiring and I leave them feeling richer in knowledge and awareness. She provides just the right balance of challenge and repetition and always with clear instructions and explanations. As a person she is kind, warm and open and that reflects in her teaching, always thoughtful and approachable to her students.

Miti is an outstanding Teacher and Mentor, helping those who cross her path to explore the gift of Chi Kri Yoga.”

Smirti Kotecha  (Chi Kri Teacher)


The experience of my first class with Miti was like jumping and looking over a wall. Once I saw what was over that wall, I knew I had to go over and experience the other side. 

Miti and Mehul helped me break through physical limitations and start experiencing life beyond these limitations. They both supported me and guided me through 2015 on the Chi Kri Gold Standard course.

A year later, I am happier than ever before and I’m noticing the energy of life flowing through me and around me everyday!

Thank you Miti and Mehul for guiding me through a journey which has made my life so much more precious and fuller than I have known before.”
Deepa Shah (Chi Kri Gold)


“Every student can lavish praise on his or her Yoga teacher with words such as inspirational, motivational, wonderful, calming, enthusiastic, encouraging, generous, intelligent…I could go on…

With Mehul, he is all of these and much, much more.  Mehul has a yogic soul and this is where he teaches from.

Both I and my husband attend his classes. I’ve been attending his weekly classes for over a year and also 1-2-1 which are always fresh and challenging. His attention to detail from the way he adjusts his students to the music he plays is all unique. He makes his classes fun with his playful spirit and I always feel I’ve had a credible, worthwhile workout for both my body and mind.”
Smirti Kotecha (Chi Kri Teacher)


I started Yoga 4 months ago. After attending Miti’s Tuesday evening classes for the first time, I knew Yoga would always  be in my life.

Not only is Miti a great yoga instructor, she also makes Yoga fun and puts a smile on our faces. It is not easy when all the muscles work in your body at the same time. (Pleasure with pain). Her classes strike an amazing balance between relaxation and a physical challenge. In every lesson, at every yoga pose it is a great adventure to discover different muscles in my body, which I have never known I had them.

Miti has a very patient and supportive teaching style. She guides us in building awareness of proper form and breathing in every poses. She creates a wonderful and soothing atmosphere and I feel lighter and de-stressed after her class.

I am glad that I really found my true passion in her class.  I really enjoy and look forward to my classes with Miti every week.”
Esra Lynch


Mehul is a gem – his positive, bright, enthusiastic ENERGY, his beaming smile – guaranteed to brighten your Sunday morning!

He has a warm, welcoming, gentle manner, making us all feel like his friends and family.

His classes involve strong poses, stretches and sequences, explaining them and their benefits, mixed with Chi Kri philosophy – sharing honest experiences, beautiful truths and thoughts to reflect on.

It makes you want to get out on a sunday morning to get your next fix! Best start to the day leaving you with a feeling of serenity.

I spend the class learning, pushing myself, reflecting, smiling, laughing, and loving the music – you will be surprised at the variety!!

He is so much fun! Wait till you see his INSANE power poses!!

Mehul is an extremely smart, wise, loving, honest, humble man. He has chosen to dedicate himself to his Yoga teaching, and we are all so glad and grateful!

Thank you Mehul! ”
Krupali Lakhani (Chi Kri Gold)


“As new to yoga, I was apprehensive about joining a class. Miti made me feel so welcome and I have since found out it is not just the first lesson or two when she shows her lovely caring attitude – it is evident in every class – to each and every student.

Miti teaches ‘listen to your body’ – do moves without putting too much pressure on it – but push yourself a little to achieve the correct posture, but always taking care to remind all not to injure yourself. She gives her students confidence to do just that! I have only attended one term to date but can honestly say, I got total fulfilment from each class – they leave you feeling physically and mentally stronger, and so relaxed  – followed by a great  night’s sleep!

I would totally recommend Miti as a fantastic yoga teacher.”
Maggie O”Sullivan


“Mehul is an excellent yoga teacher, I have learnt so much from the knowledge he shares during his classes.

Since starting yoga I have become a calmer and happier person.  I am able to deal with life’s challenges with a clear head without getting too flustered.

When I’m attending Mehul’s class I forget all the stresses and thoughts that are running around in my head and I go home feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Thank you Mehul for sharing your knowledge and wisdom through your teaching”
Vandana Kalidas


“I have been attending Yoga classes with Miti and Mehul for last one and a half year and I am very impressed with both of them.  They both are great yoga instructors and very dedicated.

I always look forward to Miti’s classes as she her classes are very friendly, relaxed and everyone get on well as a family.  She has a great sense of humour and this reflects in making the classes more enjoyable and fruitful.

I have hugely benefited from the classes. hey have made me a stronger person mentally and aslo more disciplined.  I would highly recommend both Miti and Mehul as Yoga instructors as they both are very good human beings and are very dedicated to their students.”
Asmita Patel


“Mehul is a fantastic Chi Kri  instructor.  Mehul’s classes are always structured, interesting but also challenging and suit all abilities.

I learn something new each week, whether it’s just something that Mehul says during his teaching that resonates to my personal being or a new pose.

Yoga is “me” time, I have one and half hours of peace, calm and serenity. Yoga provides me with strength, flexibility and suppleness and after a class I always feel great and have much more energy and a sense of calmness. Yoga will always be part of my weekly exercise”.”
Belinda Donovan


“I started Chi Kri yoga with Miti in 2014 wanting to be able to increase not only my physical strength and agility, but also my mind’s strength, patience and concentration.

Practising yoga on Miti’s Tuesday evenings class is the perfect time to test your discipline and will power to attend the classes. Miti starts off the class with some yoga philosophy and often reads us out a piece of text to carry through the class as we continue through dynamic yoga postures and sequences. I feel comfortable in her company and there is always the chance to challenge yourself further in postures as the class is of mixed ability.  She always reminds us to “listen to the body.”   “It is not a competition or a race.”   You are reminded that it is a journey of discovering yourself….

Her classes offer a full engagement of postures to help better your health, body and well-being.  The meditation is a great way to wind down towards the end of the class.  She offers various different techniques to let the mind rest and meditate, often involving breathing exercises. I think my favourite way to meditate is the visualisation technique which helps the mind not to wonder but remain calm and in the present moment. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxed and you never feel pushed.  You develop yourself through a journey.  Since practising yoga my physical strength has increased, but that is not only due to my body becoming stronger, but also due to my mind becoming controlled and never giving up.

Miti’s classes have a warm and relaxed atmosphere and there is no judgement or criticism, you follow at your own pace. Her technical ability of a yoga instructor is demonstrated fantastically and her guidance is precise. The instructions are clear and you are made aware of what each postures offers for your body. She is a well grounded and nurturing individual and has the ability to accommodate the needs of every student.  She is a fantastic listener and is a genuine kind hearted soul who believes in you, no matter what struggles you are going through.

As Miti would always remind us….  The journey of yoga does not end when the class ends, it continues with you on your outlook everyday.  Yoga should not just be a class to become physically stronger,  it is a a way of life.

I would highly recommend her classes to everyone wishing to take up yoga.”
Lucy-May Walsh 


“Dear Mehul & Miti,

I really feel blessed to be your student and to be practicing yoga under your guidance. As yet I haven’t come across any yoga teachers who are as passionate as yourselves and want to deliver more and more each session. I am so inspired by such dedication that I want to replicate it. Therefore I am now learning to become a Chi Kri Yoga teacher. Truly happy and PRIVILEGED is all I say !!

Thank you once again for being my teachers ……….

God bless”
Bhavna Badiani (Chi Kri Gold)


“Thanks for another amazing class today Mr Mehul!  I’m still in my “meditation cave”, walking on the soft sand without any shoes and free of any concerns 🙂

I can’t imagine my life now without your classes, and it upsets me to think that I will be moving away from London later this year 🙁

Your classes are not just about stretching and exercising… they are much more than that… they are about building characters. You’re giving as such important messages which are awakening us and helping us to become a better versions of ourselves after every single class.

Thanks is not enough… ”
Viorica Silistra


“It’s very difficult to find a good yoga class. From the moment I walked into Mehul’s class I knew this was what I had been looking for. He made me feel very welcome.

His yoga classes are essential in keeping me sane, helping me to get through my busy week and life. Saturday mornings are like a present to myself: precious quality time without interruptions.

Mehul is a genuine and caring person and amazing yogi. His classes help me to challenge myself and bring a smile to my face. Mehul’s wisdom about yoga and life is inspiring. I highly recommend you try one of his classes to find out for yourself. ”
Sanne Aldrich


“My sister and I have always been yoga lovers, so when she suggested we try this class, I was excited. I am so glad we did.

It is much more than a yoga class. Its a place to relax, socialise, dance, be inspired, meditate and get fit. The classes are thought provoking and fun, and I always ached afterwards like I had run the marathon!

Thank you Miti for your close attention, constant encouragement and individualised care. I look forward to attending more classes.”
Najla Nizarali


“Mehul is a remarkable teacher. His classes are always varied and full of Chi Kri philosophies. He has a wonderful sense of humour and a very warm and welcoming personality.

He very skilfully adapts the postures, so that whatever level you are at, you will find yourself able to achieve something 🙂

I would highly recommend Mehul’s classes whether you are a complete beginner or have been practicing yoga for many years.”
Shirley Jordan (Chi Kri Teacher)


“I have been attending Miti’s classes for over a year now and was initially a bit apprehensive about joining the classes as I had not previously practised any form of yoga. However, after attending the classes for a few weeks I already started to notice differences in my posture and general fitness level.

Miti always welcomes people of all abilities to the class and is always available if extra help is needed to achieve a certain posture. She strives to get the best out of each person in the class and is engaging with each and every person in the room. The classes always have a very relaxed atmosphere and end in quiet meditation which is a great way to calm the mind before leaving the class.”
Sunil Badiani


“Hello Mehul,

Thank you so much for such an exhilarating and fantastic class. Really enjoyed it and I am so glad I have joined the class for the term.

Brilliant and happy:-) My boat most definitely needed to sink and it did.

Another great thing about the class was that feeling of stillness and calmness, I know when I meditate I always feel that way and it is such an important aspect we need to pay attention too. Its good to be in the present moment forgetting what we cannot change in the past and worrying about lies ahead.

Thank you for being such a great teacher.”
Jaspreet Nandra


“I joined Miti’s Wednesday evening class a couple of months ago – looking for a gentler way to maintain my health and flexibility rather than running, and also seeking a way to reduce stress and anxiety.

I love the combination of physical, mental and spiritual awareness that yoga brings, in a non-competitive environment.

There is a warm vibe about Miti’s Wednesday night session – we work hard but have fun – and Miti is there to ensure that each pose is done safely and correctly. I feel more in control of my life and my body, and hope to be able to touch my toes again at some point!”
Jill Davies


“I have been practicing yoga for some years and I must say, I haven’t always been so lucky to find a teacher so dedicated, knowledgeable and inspiring as Mehul. Yoga is a fundamental part of his life and teaching it his second nature.

I have learnt to persevere, be patient and understanding of my limits and with time I have started to realise that I have gone a long way. Flexibility, posture, endurance, general strength and health seem to have improved.

We are not getting younger, he once said to me, but practice and determination would make us progress and achieve what was unthinkable before and in a way reverse the ageing process. Thank you Mehul for this simple, but fundamental thought.”
Catia Clarke


“I am so grateful for having found Miti’s classes. Miti is such a warm, engaging, compassionate teacher who creates a wonderfully warm, welcoming atmosphere in her classes. Her teaching is excellent and her classes always extremely well planned, with each posture flowing seamlessly into the next. I have also been greatly inspired by the wisdom in the philosophy which Miti shares in her classes.

After a year of attending Miti’s classes I feel calmer, more confident and much stronger physically with the added bonus of having lost an inch from my waist! I also really benefit from meditative and spiritual aspects of the class.. really appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm she puts into her classes and the wise words…, it makes my experience of attending the class so much more than attending an average yoga class..

I am also currently a trainee on the Chi Kri Teacher Training course on which Miti has given me invaluable support as a mentor. She has been so generous with her time, energy and wisdom which has definitely helped me develop my knowledge and confidence.I am so grateful for the mentoring which she has given me while I have been attending her classes. It has has benefited me a great deal in my teacher training and personal development and has greatly inspired me and given me a very high standard to aspire to….”  

I would wholeheartedly recommend Miti’s classes to anyone”. 
Claire Robertson


“Mehul, Thank you for another excellent class! You never fail to amaze me!..”
Jayna Patel


Hi Miti – I am really enjoying  Chi Kri Yoga with you as you are well aware of all the students and their weaknesses and strengths they bring .

I have noticed the encouragement you give us . It’s also the fun and sometimes the smile you bring .

I have also  noticed a change in me physically, mentally and spiritually .

Once again thank you and I know I have a lot of hard work to do 😊but I believe I can .

R. Popat


“After a small lapse in attendance last term, this week’s class was just a stark reminder of how Mehulbhai’s classes are an integral part of my wellbeing journey.

Having started his classes after the birth of my second child, I was looking for a class that would inspire me and bring mental peace as well as physical agility.  This is what I get every single Monday.  He smiles through trying to get you to enjoy Abs stretches or gracefully bop away to Plank Cradle to the beat of Thriller.  And in that same class he reminds us of the importance of attitude in facing daily challenges.

It’s my Monday evening wellbeing fix and I really couldn’t do without it. I encourage anyone who is looking for an inspiring, challenging, yet peaceful class that even makes you laugh – give it a go!”
Reena Pabari


“Chi Kri yoga has transformed the way I conduct myself in life. Not only does it help with anxiety and everyday stress, the classes are fun and interactive. Miti is a brilliant teacher who is patient and approachable. She cares about every single student and their development within the class and she ensures that everyone is comfortable and understands the sequences. The format of the class is well thought out and Miti sets a tone and theme every week to allow you to think about things in a different light. Both the class and Miti make me feel good about myself and I strongly encourage others to get involved!”

Holly Waldren


“Chi Kri yoga is fantastic, it has changed me as a person! It has taught me how to relax and wind down from the chaos of life. Miti really cares about all of her students which is what makes her such an excellent teacher! She is kind, patient and always has time for everyone. I always come away from the class feeling really calm and happy. I would 100% recommend this class!”

Amy Waldren


Our enthusiasm and urge to attend yoga classes each week is clearly linked to the qualities our teacher Miti has that can be summed up as ‘possessing warm human touch’ that evokes all our faculties to reach its peak.

In a matter of two terms we have not only improved our posture, flexibility and calmness in mind but also experience new benefits such as alertness and awareness in dealing with day to day life.

A big thank you Miti.”
Varsha and Ashok Chandarana


“From the first yoga class with Mehul we were hooked! Mehul is a nurturing, patient and thoughtful teacher who inspires us to explore ourselves physically and spiritually.  Mehul is dedicated and attentive to his students, adapting his classes to suit everyone. He encourages us to try new things and challenge ourselves, making us feel empowered as we progress in our practice.

A year ago we could not touch our toes, hold a headstand or balance in ‘crow’ – we feel we have grown so much physically and mentally! Yoga has transformed us into much stronger, more flexible and reflective individuals. However, we know that we are just at the beginning of our yoga journey and are motivated to continue to improve our well-being.

Yoga is a great workout – energizing and invigorating! We leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and always get a good night’s sleep after an evening class. Despite our busy schedules we try our best to attend yoga classes at least twice a week as the benefits are truly noticeable. We would recommend the class to anyone and our only regret is that we did not start yoga sooner!”
Zara Toledo & James Dorricott



“I have been doing Chi Kri Yoga for over a year after experiencing some health issues. I am extremely grateful to have met Miti. She has supported me through the challenges I have faced and her classes have allowed me to return to yoga at a pace I was comfortable at. She has been a fabulous yoga teacher, but also a friend I can reach out to. Words can not describe what a wonderful, caring and loving person Miti is.

Her classes are varied and each week she offers the spiritual aspect of yoga, which has helped me review myself and having a strong ground to become a strong warrior. Miti shares her wisdom and reaches out to all her students. She has given me advice on ways I can feel more grounded to face challenges .

Miti has encouraged me to meditate, and on a number of occasions has checked in on me to ensure I was doing so. Meditation has given me stability and it has made me feel I can face the day ahead with a positive mind. It has brought calmness and clarity to me as well as helping me to relax and let go.

I cannot thank Miti enough for all her support. She’s not just my teacher but a true friend.”
Tayjal Patel


“One term at Chi Kri Yoga has brought my cholesterol levels back to normal, thanks to an inspirational guru in Mehul who imparts the knowledge with care and attention. His detailed explanations, coupled with healing quotes as well as occasional jokes, keep us all going on – irrespective of diverse ability of pupils in the class.”
Rozy Contractor


Chi Kri yoga is great with Miti.  Approaching mid life and realised I was very stiff, I recently suffered problems with my back and restrictive movement due to lack of exercise all around.  Stress played a big part too!

I decided it was time to do something about it and joined Miti’s beginner’s class in 2014.  This was one of the most positive things for me in terms of my future well being and a change to routine, working towards gaining more flexibility in my body and learning to relax.  The classes have been an ongoing experience and definitely worth it.  

Yoga with Miti is great and spiritual food for my mind, body & soul.”
Marilyn Gracesons


Coming out of severe depression I can go on and on how much yoga has done for not only my recovery but over all well being.

Mehul is a genuine, caring and outstanding teacher who never judge but will always encourage to do your best. Offering various levels of expertise in each movement.

For me, these lessons are invaluable both mentally and physically. I have been bursting with pride and excitement when I’ve managed to master a harder variation of a position and I have shed tears during meditation, letting go of blockages.

Wherever you are in life, I would highly recommend you try Mehul’s classes – you’ll definitely feel better for it!”
Karin King


“Miti – The beginning of this term has started me off with some wonderful awareness and energy of the physical, mental and emotional benefits that can be achieved by practicing the warrior poses and not to mention “Gratitude” which sometimes gets forgotten in our daily routine!!! and wakes us all up when it is pointed out to us how lucky we are when compared with so many unfortunate people around in this world.

Thank you as always for all the wise teachings in our yoga classes which has taught me to take lot of situations in my stride.  I think I have become more patient..”

N Shah


” I’d been having difficulties sleeping for a long period of time. I had been having reflexology to help, when someone  suggested yoga to help too.

I was introduced to Chi Kri yoga and arranged a 1-2-1 session for yoga and meditation with Miti. I enjoyed the session so much I signed up for the classes. I go to Miti’s Wednesday and evening class which I enjoy so much.

I have found yoga has benefited me so much. I sleep a lot better now, I feel a lot calmer. And even when I’m feeling really tired after work I push myself to go to class because I know after the class I will feel so much better. I feel almost  re-energised.

Everyone in the group is so friendly and the atmosphere in class is very pleasant and welcoming. Every week Miti Shares a new philosophy with the group which encourages you to view life in a different light and incorporates that in the class that week.

I’m so glad I joined as it really does change you in a positive way.”
Kinder Shergilll


“When I joined Chi Kri Yoga, I had no idea what it involved. I joined these classes to enhance my growth in my teaching style, being a yoga practitioner and teacher for a long time.

I have benefitted from Mehul Ji’s classes – strength, confidence and the beautiful positive affirmations or sankalpas which I myself believe before my practice. I have gained patience on getting a posture right or staying longer by pushing myself and reflecting on the philosophy talks.
Mehul Ji is such a positive, cheerful, enthusiastic teacher and always has a smiling  face.
I would encourage any new comer to come and try out a class to just see the variety offered.
Thank you, Mehul Ji!”
Nirmala Iyer


“When I first heard about Miti’s yoga classes I was not sure if yoga was for me. I have been doing high energy exercise for years and this, along with my job, has caused aches, pains and repetitive strain to my back, neck and shoulders.

After starting Chi Kri yoga classes, I noticed a vast improvement in both mind and body. Although you may feel some strain during the class (yoga is not as easy as it looks), you will always feel at peace by the end of it. 

Miti is a lovely person and a great yoga teacher! She gives individual attention to every member and ensures each class is different and enjoyable. 

I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to achieve a healthy balance in life both mentally and physically.”
Priya Nathwani


“Mehul, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your yoga sessions.  It’s already making such a difference in my life and my mind, body and helping me to find inner peace. 

…my sister called me today really upset and told me about a few issues she’s having….and it boiled down to not having self value. I summarised your teachings from yesterday and told her to chant the three things you taught us…..”I believe in myself, I value myself, I love myself”….and she felt better instantly. I thank you from the both of us. 

I just felt that I wanted to share this with you as I was thinking about you and Miti…”
Vishaka Patani


“I started going to Miti’s yoga classes early 2015, and the classes are always a joy to attend.

Miti is an amazing teacher! She is very friendly, encouraging, and makes sure everyone is doing yoga (even difficult poses) with a smile.

Attending the classes have helped me feel more relaxed, flexible and inspired! I would not hesitate to recommend these classes to anyone who is considering to take up yoga (like I was several months ago).”
Josephine Wong


“Your classes have given me STRENGTH (physical and mental), a sense of CALMNESS, a huge SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT, LOVE for everyone and everything and a BELIEF IN MYSELF that now stays with me.

What I love about your classes:-
• I LOVE THE WAY YOU TEACH: you really explain the method and benefits of each technique (be it asana, pranayama or meditation) – and then proceed to go round the class and really focus on helping each person to make sure they are practicing correctly.
• I love that you continuously challenge me to go beyond what I think I am capable of.
• I love the loose structure of the class where you offer different asanas, pranayama & meditation techniques every week.
• I like not knowing what comes next and I always find that I LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY TIME.
• I also like the MUSIC that accompanies the class as it motivates and uplifts my spirit and actually helps with holding the asanas for longer or going deeper into them.
• I love the FLUIDITY of the physical postures and how you teach us to move from one to the other with gracefulness.
• I love the way the incorporation of POWER YOGA poses into each class.
• I love the guided pranayama and meditation techniques as I find that your voice is very SOOTHING.
• I love that you offer a RANGE OF MEDITATION TECHNIQUES that I can choose from.
• I love the HOME PRACTICE SETS that you so kindly share and really appreciate your efforts to vary these every few weeks.

I really feel that YOUR CLASS HAS THE PERFECT BALANCE of yoga practice and I always leave your class with a quiet SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT and LOVE FOR MY BODY.

I feel a lot LESS TIRED, SLEEP BETTER and feel MORE PEACEFUL – this is definitely ABOVE AND BEYOND what I thought I could achieve by attending a 90 MINUTE CLASS every week!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mehul.”
Sangeeta Shah


“I began my Chi Kri journey in November 2014 following the birth of my first child. I am a 34 year old male who pretty much for the last 10 years have lived a life of working long hours and playing even harder at any given chance. The birth of my first son opened my eyes for me to start taking more care of my body. I was introduced to yoga by a family member who told me the story of Neil Patel and Miti’s teaching. 

I heard lots of things about yoga and its benefits but to be honest I always brushed them to one side with very little thought. This ended after my first class. I came home from the class and had not felt a buzz like it since my teenage years pushing weights at the gym, however the satisfaction was much higher. This was me not lifting lumps of metal but working with my body and each and every part.

I will be honest after that first class I was nearly physically ill!!! The class is physical and challenging but then if it was not, what would be the point. As we all know nothing in this world is easy, especially taking care of our ourselves. The physicality of the class’s is now my favourite part. 8 months on I can do postures I never thought I would be able to. 

I loved that there were different age groups, couples, friends, mothers and daughters attending the class. I think seeing people much older than me doing postures and exercises I was not able to do again opened my eyes and gave me more reason to continue. That being said I like the non judgement atmosphere in the class where we all work at our own pace. I feel there is in fact a sense of encouragement from the other pupils. We are all in it together!!

Miti is amazing at what she does. She engages everyone and you feel a personal connection to her. Again she is non judgemental and really has your best wishes at heart. All she asks in return is we try. 

A big part of yoga is meditation and spirituality. Again being totally honest I am neither very spiritual or very religious and I have never really done any kind of meditation. I am a very typical male who thinks about his belly and his wallet!! Miti’s teachings have not turned me into any kind of Saint or Guru but have and are influencing my life to be a better person to myself as well as others. I also really do have a sense of peace and self satisfaction when I come home after class which has been noticed by my wife and that can only be a good thing.

8 months on I am no expert but I am a work in progress. I have goals and targets in place and the main thing is I have made that initial move to improve myself. To anyone who is thinking about joining, making the commitment to start is the hardest part. At the start the motivation to join was my son but now it has become a part of my life which I feel I do for myself.

Whatever is your reason I would highly recommend this class.”
Anand Dattani


“As a yoga newbie it was important for me to feel that my instructor was approachable and patient! My expectations since joining Miti’s class have been surpassed.

Miti has a warm and caring attitude, which is extended to each of us in the class, showing genuine interest in our development.  She knows exactly when to give you that gentle push to achieve the posture, but always advising you to listen to your body.  

The holistic approach of yoga has given me the opportunity,  for my body and mind to get a great workout!  After a  long time I actually enjoy being active again, I leave class feeling energised , yet with a sense of quietude. 

For a great teacher, who knows her discipline so well, you need not look any further than Miti. I would wholeheartedly recommend doing a class with her, I know I haven’t regretted it”
Amarjeet Nandhra




“..My first session with Miti was so good..  Miti is a fantastic teacher, she has such a great connection with everyone.  I feel great after each Wednesday evening session.  My husband goes to the Sunday session with Mehul, he feels the same way, we love talking to each other after our sessions about what we have learnt.  I am going to make sure yoga is going to be a big part of me…”
Hina Kukadia


“I find it hard to describe just how much I look forward to a Wednesday evening for my Chi Kri Yoga Class.  Miti is very approachable, helpful and willing to help each and every one of us.  Her teaching is brilliant!

I feel so much better.. much calmer and confident.  I also sleep better and now take my daughter  (who is only 13 years old) with me who also has benefited immensely.  There is something so special, healthy, inviting and calming about her classes and would recommend her to everyone.”
Angela Moriarty



“I attended Miti’s yoga class for just under 2 years. I am a bit of a worrier but found that yoga helped me to relax and unwind. Yoga not only benefitted my physical self but my spiritual self too. Since attending Miti’s classes I have felt more peaceful and have a more positive outlook on life.

I have recently relocated to live in Wales and now have the challenge of finding a new yoga class – my next teacher has a lot to live up to! 🙂 Thank you Miti x”
Catherine Wade


“My Chi Kri Yoga journey began a few months ago, and I am delighted with the progress that has occurred in terms of strength,  agility and flexibility.  This would not have been possible without Mehul’s superb tutelage.

As a dentist, many of my colleagues are forking out on expensive massage therapies. I get all the therapy I need from the yoga sessions I attend twice a week!”
Priya Shah 


“I joined Yoga In April 2014 after having a medical scare. I came across Miti & Mehul on Google and just thought I would have a general chat, I found Mehul very helpful and after our discussion decided to go along for a trial in Hatch End Arts Centre.

I was very impressed on my first visit as Miti made me feel very welcome as if I had been part of the furniture, Yoga has given me tremendous strength inside and out as I was very vulnerable when I joined.

Miti is a great teacher and I have learnt a lot of good and positive things in everyday life which has helped me to move forward and gain inner strength within myself.

I would highly recommend Miti as Yoga has made me more of a positive person and given me tremendous strength inside and out and the desire to live each day peacefully.”
Name withheld on student request


“Thanks for always being a great teacher and guiding me and the rest of class to make sure you get the best out of us and for teaching us to overcome the challenges in life. I would be lost without your classes!”
Priya Badiani



“I am really enjoying your class.  It has been many years since I’ve done yoga regularly and I am benefitting enormously from the slower pace and the explanations you are giving.  I am already feeling benefits in terms of flexibility and less pain in my knees.  I also feel very welcome and a huge amount of acceptance and warmth from you.  During yesterday’s class I felt very grateful for this new space in my life.”
Fiona Denney



“I am so grateful for your encouragement, it really makes a difference to know that you care… I know this is not something often found in people these days:)

.. It’s a special time for me to get away from home and work and to relax, strengthen my body and mind…

I enjoy every minute of my Chi Kri Yoga classes…
Marilyn Gracesons


“Miti – The thing that drives me to try harder is your gentle nudging and your genuine interest in all of us. I always come away feeling satisfied from your class.”
Suchita Patel


“The yoga classes have been a real treat and I look forward to them each week. They have really helped strengthen my posture, improve my flexibility and increased my mental endurance and awareness.

I thoroughly enjoy moving in and out of postures, which gives the body a gentle workout,  as well as the periods of relaxation after the posture work is over.

Although certain sequences in a class can sometimes feel tough, I really reap the benefits of a class the next day, when I feel 10 years younger.

The classes have been fantastic in rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.”
Harpreet Ahluwalia 


“After attending the Saturday morning Chi Kri class taught by Mehul I feel rejuvenated and have a sense of well being. It is obvious that Mehul has put a lot of effort and thought in planning each of his classes.

This is not your average yoga class, Mehul spends time to explain the benefits of each yoga pose, he ensures that they are performed correctly and safely. I look forward to my Saturday morning yoga class.”
Minesh Gathani


“Miti is an incredible yoga teacher! I have learned so much from her. Her weekly classes has helped improve my back and neck pain. Miti is an attentive instructor with an innate ability to read her student’s minds. Miti is kind and caring and communicates with her students in a way that’s engaging and fun. She’s a truly gifted Yoga teacher.”

Cristina Adlington 


“In the fast-paced world we live in, with the endless demands on our time and life’s ups and downs, Chi Kri Yoga gives me that much needed me-time.

The asanas, your explanations and spiritual guidance have a genuine impact on my everyday life.

For example, today I was not selected for a job I had spent many hours preparing for. Of course I was upset and disappointed. But I recalled your words on celebrating what we have and not focusing on what we don’t have. This made me get over my disappointment very quickly.

Previously, I would have wallowed in self-pity and bitterness but I feel so much more positive and balanced. This is a result of attending your class.”

Looking forward to another great class tonight.”
Dhana Gorasia


“Really enjoyed yesterday’s class, I am so pleased that I joined your classes.

 The best thing that has happened to me. I thank you for what you have given me. I will always treasure that with me.”



IMG_3388“I am 72 and can’t sit on the floor due to a knee replacement.  I didn’t think I could do yoga and meditation until Miti came to teach me.

She is an excellent teacher, easy to understand, patient, kind and loving.

I now feel younger, slimmer, stronger, calmer, happier and more flexible than I have for years.”

Thank you Miti!”
Saroj Varma


“I have been attending Mehul’s Chi Kri yoga class for about six months and more recently Sheena’s meditation class.

I had not practiced yoga previously but was aware of the benefits in terms of stress management and health.

I approached Mehul after researching a number of classes in the Harrow area and was not disappointed. He really articulates the concepts well and structures the class to cater for beginners as well as more experienced hands. The pace of the class is excellent and you walk out feeling refreshed.

Over recent months I have noticed a change in my flexibility and energy levels.

In addition the spiritual concepts shared by Mehul and Sheena have helped me manage work-related stress. The benefits of yoga come through gradually so don’t expect instant miracles but when they do you will notice the difference.

I would whole heartedly recommend Mehul’s and Sheena’s classes.”
Anup Dodhia


“Dear Miti,

I always enjoy your class you always have the right balance 😊.”

M Patel


Thank you for an amazing term of Chi Kri yoga, your classes really do brighten up my week in an extraordinary way! 😊



“I have been practicing yoga for many years and have found it highly beneficial in so many aspects of my life. Regular yoga practice has taught me to breath properly, helped me to control stress and has developed and maintained my strength and flexibility. It has also taught me  to look inward and allow time for myself.

Although happy with my teacher I wanted to find another class which would be more challenging and help me to advance my yoga practice. In Miti’s Tuesday class I found that challenge! Sometimes it feels almost too challenging but with Miti’s cheerful and gentle encouragement I feel anything is possible to achieve with practice. Her enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge of yoga and its benefits both physical and spiritual is inspiring. She is also very caring and interested in both the wider world and each of her student’s physical and spiritual development and well-being.

I would recommend her class to both beginners and the more experienced as she gently helps you to achieve what is right for you.”
Claire B


“Really enjoyed yesterday’s class, I am so pleased that I joined your classes. The best thing that has happened to me. I thank you for what you have given me. I will always treasure that with me.”
Amita Shah


“I first joined Mehul’s class at the end of October 2013, after a ringing endorsement from my wife who had been attending for a number of months.

We find that the classes strike a really good balance between physical workout, yoga poses and meditation/relaxation and they always vary from week to week, which ensures that they do not lose their appeal. In addition Mehul plans and structures each lesson carefully in order to ensure that the students are able to get the best out of them.

Mehul’s instructions are precise and clear with a good explanation of which muscle groups are used/affected and he is always willing to answer questions as and when required (even in the middle of a particularly difficult looking sequence of poses!). His teaching style is also very warm, friendly and calm which ensures that none of the students feel like they are in competition; in fact he emphasises the fact that each person should listen to their body and work at their own pace/ability.

Both my wife and I really enjoy the classes – so much so that we have recently encouraged both our children to join up as well since we believe that the exercise, meditation and relaxation techniques they learn now will not only benefit them in the short term, but also later in life.

In summary we would highly recommend the classes, not only to those looking for a good, solid introduction to yoga, but also to experienced yoga students looking for new challenges.”
Paresh and Sujata Patel


IMG_3581“Miti, I am so grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to attend your yoga classes.  You  are a natural teacher and a constant inspiration.  Your compassion and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn.  Attending these classes, I learnt that yoga is not just about physical well-being but also spiritual well-being which has taught me to relax and focus on what is really important in my life and let go of what isn’t in my control.  I would recommend these yoga classes to anyone from a first-time student to a dedicated yogi!  They have the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance and are taught in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, you hardly realize how hard you are working.”
Nayna Shah


“I started yoga with Mehul 6 months ago.  I attend the Saturday morning classes, and all I can say is, what a brilliant way to kick start the weekend!  I leave the class totally refreshed, relaxed and positive.

I have practiced yoga before, but what I particularly like about Mehul’s classes are his explanations of the various postures and their benefits.  He is very knowledgeable and very passionate about sharing this knowledge. 

His classes are well planned and the atmosphere warm and encouraging.  

Mehul’s classes are a delight!  I always look forward to them. 

Loving the music too!”
Vaishali Vora


“I have been attending Miti’s yoga class on a Tuesday evening since September 2013. At that time I was suffering with some health issues and was looking for a class that would enable me to manage them. I have found the Tuesday class to be a real tonic. By attending the class I have found I was able to focus on the postures, exercises, and breathing techniques that Miti so expertly demonstrated and supported the class with, this helped me focus on the yoga and leave behind the stresses of everyday life. The meditative part of the class at the end of the evening is a real positive, it sets me up for the rest of the week and any stresses that I might have to deal with. I look forward to this part of the class every week. I find the class most beneficial and I would recommend Miti’s yoga classes to all.”


“Evening Mehul,

Great class today…I was certainly felling the stretches especially after missing 2 weeks.

Gratefulness…  Just want to say thank you for enlightening me this evening. We spend to much time thinking of what went wrong and not enough time thinking about what went right. I spend great amount of time praising my team ( at my practice ) for their great efforts and then coaching them on how to improve…however, when it comes to myself, nearly always I think about why things are going wrong. Your chat today really brought it home for me today.

Thanks again for a great class!”
Raj Kukadia


”Miti’s yoga classes have a vast mixture of people from all ages and backgrounds in attendance and yet, there is something for everyone. We each work at our own pace and she helps each of us push ourselves to get the most that we can out of each class. She is attentive and knowledgable and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my yoga sessions with her!”
Nabila Akbarali


“It has been over 2 years since I joined Miti’s yoga classes and for me it’s an activity that I look forward to every Tuesday.  Although the journey time extends to more than 30 minutes, it’s a commitment I wouldn’t question.
Attending these classes weekly has provided me with internal and external strength, as well as building up my self-confidence and motivation. As an individual I feel happier and healthier, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through gradual, yet effective teaching techniques Miti has provided me with greater knowledge of my physical attributes.  I would like to place emphasis on the fact that prior to Miti’s yoga class I was unaware of the ability of my body to perform complex and diverse postures.  I was diagnosed with sciatica 3 years ago, but now the symptoms such as leg and back pain have greatly diminished – I am sure that the yoga has helped me here.

I would highly recommend anyone to attend Miti’s classes.  She is an excellent teacher and has a unique way of teaching.  Miti has always reminded the class that yoga is not about competing against each other and we should always listen to our body.  Every session is challenging and yet fun and enjoyable.

Miti thank you so much for giving me such confidence and strength, calmness and peace.”
Sejal Shah



IMG_3629“Miti, I think your lessons are fun, tough but fun, and I like the set up, the instructions are clear, I know there is a rhythm to the lessons, I have thinking time, but really the thing that I appreciate most is about mindfulness, or the idea of being in the present time.  All new steps are introduced with proper guidance and I may be getting fitter at the same time.”
Shree Mor


“…I really enjoy attending Miti’s classes and benefit a great deal from them.  I always appreciate the way she teaches and the way the class flows … She is very caring… Miti, thank you for your INSPIRATION and for sharing your teaching with us…”
Sumathy Shanthakumar


“Before beginning my journey with yoga, life had been challenging. I had recently lost close family members and had a tough job to hold down. I had heard of the benefits from yoga but was shy and insecure to start as I am not fittest of individuals. However Mehul and Miti ensured me this didn’t matter and explained how yoga is not a competition and encouraged me to over come this.

I never felt silly or embarrassed if I could not achieve a certain posture; I was guided carefully to push myself in a controlled, but kind way.

The class enabled me to be able to switch off and clear my thoughts, allowing me to feel much more relaxed and focused. I also gained more respect for myself as I heard positive words throughout the class.

It has changed my life. I know this sounds extreme but I felt so inspired by what I had learnt that I had to share it with my partner. He now comes along and we look forward to our Sunday mornings of yoga practice and our lives our happier and healthier and you can’t ask for more than that.”
Sarah Wilson


“I have had the opportunity to be part of both Mehul’s and Mitti’s classes. I use yoga to help with my running as I suffer from tight hamstrings.  It is clear a lot of effort goes into planning the classes and both Mehul and Mitti encourage you to push yourself whilst ensuring you listen to your body, adapting the moves for both beginners and the more advanced.  I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my flexibility and cannot recommend them enough.”
Claire E


“I started yoga to improve my posture and start a physical activity that was not competitive. I would very much recommend Mehul and Miti’s yoga classes as it has hugely helped me physically and mentally. The classes are very diverse, interesting and you are always encouraged to do the best you can without forcing. The energy is very positive and it is a pleasure to go to.

Mehul and Miti know their practice extremely well, they are genuinely interested in who their students are and what they need. Their approach is much more personalised and effective.”
Isabelle Pinder


“I started Miti’s Yoga Class back in April 2009. I am one of her first students. Despite my busy schedule I look forward to the Yoga Class on every Tuesdays. I have learned so much from the knowledge they share in the class. I learnt that Yoga is not just about postures, but also building up self-confidence. As an individual I feel happier, calmer, focused and satisfied.

I would recommend this class to people of all levels, as Miti makes everyone feel very calm and focused on whatever their ability. The classes are well planned and how the 90 minutes fly past.

Thank you Miti for making me the person I am today.”
Amita Shah


“I was introduced to Chi Kri Yoga by Miti Shah in a small class of four ladies.  She came to my home for the sessions.  It was an enlightening  experience in how the various postures not only left me with a sense of physical well-being, but also made the mind very peaceful.  Chi Kri yoga instills physical and mental wellbeing.

Miti has been an excellent Yoga Teacher for me.  Helping me with all the postures I thought I could never do, keeping in mind my physical injuries.  But also taking me down the spiritual path through meditation.  Something I thought I could never do either!  It is just beginning for me in this experience but I do hope it carries on for a long time to come!

It has been a pleasure learning yoga from Miti and I would recommend her to anyone.”
Tanuja Talwar


“Mehul is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. His passion for yoga and sense of humour creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. His tutoring has positively affected my mental well being, but more so my physical well being.

I always look forward to the weekly classes and make constant use of the relaxation techniques that he teaches throughout the course of the day.”
Sagar Shah


“I have been attending Mehul’s yoga classes for almost 3 years now. Yoga is more suitable for me in my advancing years where although physical strength building is important, improving the suppleness of the body is a necessity. There is also the spirituality aspect of yoga where the physical contortions aid in the mental thought process.

I always look forward to attending the yoga classes. Both the body and mind are saying, “We are for it, let’s go!” The Saturday classes have stepped up a gear, the regular participants and the numbers attending generates a vibrancy that is incredible.

People look at me today and comment that I look good. I always recommend them to take up yoga. In my advancing years I know that this is the best thing for my health and happiness.”
Chhotu Chhaya 


“I am a 32 year old man and I have been going to Mehul’s and Miti’s yoga classes for just over a year now. I have found it very beneficial to keep my body supple, as I used to get a lot of back pain due to the manual work.

Since I have started  practising yoga, I have noticed that I do not get regular back pain  anymore and I do not need to take pain killers all the time. I am no longer as stiff as I used to be and feel like an old man. I am able to do more with my body. However, this is only one half of the practice, we also learn to meditate and distress and unclutter our minds! This is great because if the mind is in a good state, your body will reflect this. So all I can say is give it more than one go to get the benefits out of it.”
Will Samuels


“I started yoga in September 2013.  As a yoga beginner I was slightly apprehensive going to my first class but I went away feeling wonderfully energized.  A gentle yet inspiriting instructor Miti taught me that yoga is not only about developing physical strength and flexibility but also about relaxing, enjoying yourself and thinking about the world around you too. Even though I usually only make a class once a week, I feel so much the better for it! I would strongly recommend her classes”.
Tanuja Shah


“I have been going to Miti’s yoga class for 6 months now. The 90 minute sessions are just the right combination of strenuous workout, breathing, meditation and spiritual concepts followed by the Shavasana at the end which simply refreshes  you. I feel more flexible and energetic since I started Yoga with Miti. Whilst I am sure I have a long way still to go to achieve my goals, I believe the sessions with Miti have already helped me by achieving better health and calmness.”
Ketan Shah


”The key for me is the teacher – with Mehul, I felt an easy connection. He brings his own style, expression and thoughts to communication of the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga. The whole package sits comfortably with me and allows me to enjoy and want more of the benefits of the yoga experience. The classes flow unhurriedly yet they contain a mix of power & energy, combined with calmness & peace”.
Kaushik Shah


“After 2 hip joint replacements along with a snapped Achilles tendon and still wanting to mountaineer/ski tour, play squash and golf all at a good standard I realised I needed more flexibility, strength and balance. So I signed up for Mehul’s yoga classes. Well I got what I was looking for and more besides!!!

The great thing about Mehul’s class is the balance between technique and strength. I needed coaching in technique and this is certainly paying dividends. Off on a 30 day trek to Kanchenjunga this Autumn, back playing 10 handicap golf and Middlesex league squash, so guess it must be working!!

I also like the breathing and mediation exercises and find that these aspects help with the day to day stresses of work

Reckon Mehul’s style of yoga is a must for us competitive blokes that want to improve/maintain our sports performance”
Richard Hey


Miti, I can’t believe that it has been two years already, the class has really helped in many ways, with my flexibility and my menorrhagia. I have to say though in the last couple of weeks my knees and hips have been playing up, but coming to yoga keeps me moving and stretching so again helping!

The physical benefits are not the only things that have helped…this week has been a very trying time …. and allowed me to come from a place of love.

So many thank you  for the all the love and energy you share with us.




“I have been going to Miti’s class for just over 4 months and have found it to make a real difference. From being unable to successfully carry out a lot of the yoga postures I can now feel that my body is a lot stronger and more flexible. I really look forward to Miti’s class each week as she allows me completely focus on myself and my body without thinking about the other distractions in daily life. I would really recommend this class to people of all levels as you are able to push your body as much or as little as your want to and there is no pressure to keep to the same level as the rest of the class.

Miti makes you feel like she is personally tailoring the class to each and every person that is there and every class is different so you are constantly learning and strengthening yourself in different ways. Great class and great teacher!!”
Priya Badiani


“I started yoga in order to become fitter and healthier in both mind and body and though I only attend one class a week it has definitely improved my wellbeing both physically and mentally and I would recommend Mitis classes to anyone. 

I especially like the start of the class when we spend 6-10 minutes considering Chi Kri tenets and ideas such as letting go and considering how we can all live more in the moment. It allows us to take the peace we experience in the class home on a practical level.

Miti is a clear and patient teacher and you can work at the level you are comfortable with.”
Diana Moss


“Apart from the practice for my other yoga class, your yoga classes provide me with a great and deep stretch and coupled with the meditation not only relaxes and de-stresses me but also makes me feel very peaceful, calm, and in control of life and am on a ”high” for the entire evening and night. I love to be a part of the energy.”
Raju Varma


“I have had the chance to attend both Miti’s and Mehul’s classes. The first thing that strikes you about their teaching approach is their genuine interest in how you are progressing as an individual with your yoga practice.

I have found that this personal touch, care and attention to my needs has been brilliant for giving me a particular focus with my practice, and it helps a great deal to know that Miti and Mehul are available to answer any questions.

I have learned so much from the knowledge they share in their classes, particularly about the different ways in which the yoga moves benefit the body and mind. They are extremely welcoming and approachable teachers and I would definitely recommend their classes.”
Sheena Kapoor


Thank you Miti for being such a brilliant teacher and teaching me to see life in a different way.

Hina K


“Despite rising with the sun I feel energetic,
Mehul and Miti’s Yoga proves holistic

You are greeted, welcomed, needs acknowledged,
Expectation – you will be challenged

I feel the warrior’s determination and strength,
Relaxed with Pranayama breath

My balance like a deep rooted tree,
In lotus chanting with tranquility

Stretch to the limit in the plough,
Try concentration in the crow

In spine twist touch the limbs to re-connect,
You vary the pace, pick up, go slow
Then pause in order to reflect

The course reduces my headache,
You work hard, in child have a break

Aged, young, big, small – I recommend,
This class is going to expand”
Lana King


“I am one of the many people that has benefited from yoga practice with Mehul and Miti. Their passion and knowledge is evident from the start. I mainly joined because I wanted to improve my strength, flexibility and for relaxation, but I feel I have gotten so much more than just that, including breathing techniques and meditation.

Yoga has helped me to be more comfortable in my own body and to centre my thoughts at the end of a long day. Both Mehul and Miti are very encouraging, teaching us to listen to our bodies and also explaining the benefits of each pose.

What’s also great is that you are kept up to date with workshops and information for your own practise at home, which has been very useful. I would absolutely recommend these classes.”
Edith Toledo


“Yoga has brought me so many benefits, some of which are increased strength, improved posture and a more open way of thinking. Miti has been an inspirational teacher, she’s not pushy but she does encourage us to push our own boundaries to do more than we think we’re capable of which has changed the way I view my own abilities and potential.

No matter how I feel when I arrive, I always leave Miti’s class feeling refreshed, relaxed and positive. Thanks Miti and Mehul, I’m so glad I found you!”
York-Sea Liu


I joined Chi Kri Yoga when I was 2 months pregnant because I wanted to maintain an active lifestyle throughout my pregnancy.

Mehul always advised on suitable postures at each stage and continuing up until 36 weeks made me feel calm and relaxed, and also made for a speedy recovery after birth.

I would definitely recommend yoga during pregnancy!”
Nishtha Naran


“I have attended Mehul’s Wednesday evening class for two terms and now the Stress Management half day workshop. The benefits of yoga have transformed this overweight, creaky jointed sixty three year old man who retired early because of stress.

I have been thoroughly delighted with the warm + friendly attitude and teaching of Mehul & Miti and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their classes to anyone of any age.”
Dr Alan Timms   


“I’ve been doing yoga for over three years but my teacher passed away and I was desperately looking for a good teacher locally. I tried other classes but I had always left feeling virtuous but slightly underwhelmed until I attended both Mehul’s and Miti’s classes.

Their confidence, re-assurance, skills and friendly teaching style ensures that everyone reaches as deeply into the postures and the ideas behind the practice as is right for them.

They help everybody go beyond their points of resistance without strain to achieve progress in their practice every time.

I enjoy the end of class summaries when they encourage us to take the benefits and lessons from the class into our daily life to help us shine and smile all day long.

It is almost impossible to describe the yoga experience of your classes in 3 words. The best 3 that come to mind are – Challenging, Rejuvenating and Transforming.”
Harsha Shah


“I joined Mehul & Miti’s classes late last year (2012) and have been attending since. The class gives some ‘me’ time to focus on my mind, body and spirit. It’s a get away from the daily hustle and bustle of living in a city! The classes don’t feel competitive and everyone is encouraged to do what they can and feel comfortable with.

I’m reaping the benefits of yoga by having a calm mind and getting a physical workout at the same time. Both Mehul & Miti are great at what they do and willingly share their knowledge on yoga during the classes. The explanations of the various poses and what they do is really useful for home practising too. I’ll definitely keep up the classes and recommend to anyone who is new to yoga just as I was last year!”
Priya Naik


“I was looking to take up some exercise that I could enjoy and decided to try yoga. After just a few classes I felt improvements in my flexibility and strength – things which I thought were long gone. One year on,  I continue to look forward to classes that are guaranteed to be varied and never short of a new challenge. In fact, my next goal is to do a headstand!”
Angela Patel


“I chose to take on a form of exercise as a way to not only get healthy but to have a release from the day to day craziness that can be life! I have only been going to Miti & Mehul’s classes for a few months now but can honestly say they have helped me to relax and recoup after a busy week at work and other stresses. I also get a great work out at the same time which is a plus! Both Miti and Mehul love what they do and you can see that in the lessons. It’s great to learn new yoga methods from them and I would thoroughly recommend the classes to anyone looking for a healthy form of exercise which helps them to relax at the same time.”
Dipa Mistry


“Miti is a natural teacher. She is patient and encouraging in her classes which makes one want to try out difficult postures. She connects with all her students in class and that was very touching for me, as this showed the caring side of Miti –  a caring, inspiring teacher. Thank you.”
Kalpana Thobani


“I have been going to Mehul’s class for just over 3 months and have found it to make a real difference. Mehul is a well experienced teacher with detailed knowledge who demonstrates commitment and determination to his work.  When I first joined 3 months ago, I didn’t know what to expect, but Mehul likes to make you work hard, at the same time the classes are relaxed, fun and motivating. I never enjoyed Yoga classes before but these classes really made me change my mind and I am always looking forward to the class.”
Raj Parinparaj


“My first noticeable physical effect of doing yoga was increased flexibility and range of motion in the joints. Yoga has also toned my muscles, so I wear my clothes better. The teacher Mehul is great at explaining each posture and the muscle groups that are being worked. The classes are non judgemental, allowing you to work at your own pace and ability”.
Panna Vaidya


“I came away feeling more than happy with myself today after doing the headstand and the tree pose successfully…If I haven’t said before I  am very much enjoying the classes and always come away feeling very positive and mentally re-charged – thanks to your teaching.”
Sophie P


“I’m one of the latest additions to the yoga class, and have found it to be of great benefit. I heard about Mehul’s yoga class and decided to give it a go – as someone who has only dabbled in yoga in the past, I found the class welcoming. It was fairly easy to pick up the basics. My goals were essentially to improve my core and back strength, I’m sure wit time, I’ll get there.”
Hershal Shah


“Well, after years of cycling , swimming, skiing, step classes and gym work I managed to damage both my knees. I had also suffered from years of lower back pain . Just a sneeze would cause my lower back to seize up, and this led to days of frustration as I could not maintain a normal way of life.  Something had to change, “What could  I do with this body to strengthen it, make it supple, pliable and just be able to move”? This is when I remembered my friend Miti who I had not seen for a few years , but knew that she was a Yoga teacher now.  Her teaching methods allow people of different abilities to join in, enjoy and participate in all aspects of yoga. The classes are very interesting, challenging and have a great atmosphere.

Yoga has kept my back pain at bay , my knees don’t lock any more and I feel I can lead a better life now. For all these improvements, my thanks go to Miti and her wonderful yoga classes.”
Hansa Varia


“Mehul, your classes have had a really positive influence on me. They make me feel physically, spiritually and mentally much stronger. They remind me to stay calm and positive as well as encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself. 

Thank you for all you have taught me.”
Bhavi Patel (Chi Kri Gold)


“I have had four knee operations. I am a keen basketball and football player and started yoga recently to improve my flexibility. I had some of the best physiotherapists and consultants in the country advise and help me recover from my operations. However, for years after I had officially ‘recovered’, I had many problems with my hamstring cramping constantly as they had removed muscle fibres from there to fix my knee. I never expected yoga to help with my hamstring problems. To my astonishment, within 3 months of attending Miti’s yoga classes once a week my hamstring felt completely fine. I’m also more flexible than I have been since I was 10 years old and get injured a lot less than I use to. I highly recommend yoga to any sports person!”
Rikki Shah


“Over the past two years Mehul has taught me that yoga is as much to do with the body as it is to do with the mind.

In the class we have practiced many “asanas” or postures – generally finishing the posture work with “Sun Salutations” followed by relaxation in “Savasana”.

We have spent time on the seven “chakras” or body’s energy centres; considered meditation and visualisation and continue to discover more about “pranayama” or energy channelling using our breath. We have learnt to “listen to our bodies” and discover that there is plenty more we can do.

We have been encouraged to balance our bodies and minds by being still and as a result I have begun to understand that an active body allows us to still the mind as much as a still body allows us to grow in the mind.

I can truly recommend Mehul’s Saturday morning class – it has been the perfect way to start the weekend and I look forward to his new sessions.”
Sandhya Pinn


“It has been over two months that I have joined Mehul’s yoga classes. I have observed that a lot of preplanning has gone into each session, viz –
a) there is a good balance of relaxation/warmup/stretching/asanas/concentration in each session
b) no two sessions are the same which make each session interesting and I come out learning something new from each session
c) although preplanned, Mehul is flexible enough to change the session to the needs of the group for any particular session
d) the move from one asana to another is always varied with a new twist and turn introduced as we progress, thus making each session interesting and challenging

Mehul is ever ready to explain the reasons behind each action and the benefits of each asana. Mehul is always aware of individual’s needs and abilities to push you just the right amount to get the maximum from a session.

To sum up, a very positive experience overall and look forward to being taught by Mehul in the future.”
Shamir Shah


“I started yoga classes with Miti in January 2012 and would thoroughly recommend this class.  It is a good balance of meditation and physical work, I can certainly feel the difference in my body, taking part in this yoga class each week has helped improve my back and neck pain.”
Sally Garner


Miti. Something magical happened for me in your class today. It was like I was supposed to be there. I felt heavy hearted and so so stressed at the start but healed by the end.

Being reminded of the spiritual message during the poses throughout helped me to focus on the message during the poses and as a result I really did just let things so and I forgave myself and others by the end of the class. It was accelerated forgiveness for me because it normally takes me much longer to forgive in general.

The pace was perfect. The postures felt deep and so so well sequenced I didn’t realise how the time passed….. The whole class just worked really really well. Thank you so so so much.… ”
Nilam Patel


“I began yoga classes with Mehul three years ago when he first started teaching yoga. Before that I had never done yoga and had no preconceptions about what it was or should be.

I have really enjoyed Mehul’s classes as he is very good at breaking down new postures right down to basics either when teaching new postures or re-introducing movements learnt earlier. And at each point he emphasises the correct breathing as well as what part of the body is being worked on. He does not dive straight into movements, always beginning with warming and loosening up, before moving into full postures and then taking the correct counter-pose at the end.

Mehul has a calm and giving attitude to his teaching. His classes do not feel like you are back in a traditional school environment; you do not feel you will be pointed out for not doing things correctly. He always reminds us that yoga is not a competition, it is about focusing on yourself, listening to your body, and that each day is different.

I have found that this attitude has helped me in my daily life in not getting stressed out by little things that may go wrong everyday. I also find it easier to pace myself mentally and physically when life gets hectic.

As someone who has more or less been with Mehul since he first began his yoga teaching, I have no doubt in recommending him to anyone looking to take up yoga. You will not regret it!”
Saloni Shah


“I have been attending Yoga classes for 2 years and have seen great benefits not only to my physical self but my spiritual self too. I have suffered from knee problems for many years but there has been a great improvement in their flexibility and strength over the past 2 years. Miti has taught me a great deal on how to be a more grounded and happy person and  I would like to say thank you to her. What a Fab teacher!!”
Diane Wade


“Miti is a natural teacher, calm in her approach and gets the best out of every person . She gives  personal  attention to each and every individual in her class understands their requirement .

She has a fantastic way of communicating and explaining her teachings and techniques  in a gentle way . The inspiring  topic that she talks about before the start of every lesson can be life changing if we understand and implement it in our daily lives. It’s a  class that covers  relaxation exercise, pranayama , meditation, asana’s and breathing techniques. Well balanced class that covers physical and mental aspects of yoga.

… at the end of the class I feel calm, uplifted and ready to take up challenges.”
Ushma Shah


“I joined Mehul’s Yoga class late last year and what I enjoy most about the class is his style of teaching.  I have been doing yoga for three years now but I feel I have a better understanding of the different yoga asanas and breathing techniques under his teaching.

Mehul has a very calming demeanor, enabling him to work with students at all levels. No matter how challenging the class is, his attentiveness and thoughtfulness towards each individual makes it a great experience and I always leave his class with an inner peace.”
Suchita Patel


“Mehul’s classes are varied, and every week is different.  Instructions are very precise and clear.  Each person is an individual, no comparison with others in the class which allows every person to perform yoga according to one’s ability on the day.  Mehul balances the class well in terms of ability, taking forward individuals who are able to be take challenges further.  Good balance of postures and breathing pranayama.  We attend the classes on a Saturday morning which is a great start to the day.”
Hina Shah


“Mehul was introduced to me by a friend who knew I was looking for a yoga class that was a bit different.  I have found him an inspirational teacher, no two classes are ever the same and I always take away something new to think about or practise.”
Sarah Alison