“Bhramara” means bee in Sanskrit. The sound made in this technique is the humming sound of the bee, from where this pranayama gets its name. It is based on the tail end of the Aum sound, “Mmnn”, which is amplified and repeated with concentration. When you do the vibration you close the ears and all you hear is this loud tail of the Aum sound.


Application of Aum sound by itself, even without concentration, has a beneficial effect in the brain and on the Ajna chakra. When performed with application and concentration, Bhramari becomes a very healing practice. It helps anything to do with mental problems, functioning of the brain, lack of concentration, brain deterioration, mental fatigue, brain tumours, eyes, headaches, Alzheimer’s, memory, and sinusitis.


It also helps to calm and harmonise and over stimulated brain and therefore is a good one to do before going to sleep!





  1. If you are wearing spectacles, then remove these.
  2. Sit in meditation posture, with the spine held upright, and the mouth and eyes closed. Keep the chin parallel to the floor and relax the shoulders.
  3. As this technique requires you to concentrate on the sound that you are making internally, it helps to cover the ears so that you cut out sounds coming from outside. One way you can do this is by using using your thumbs to gently press the earflaps to cover the entrance to the ears. Rest the fingers lightly on the forehead and face area.
  4. Take a full breath into the body.
  5. When you exhale, close the ears whilst making the final sound of the “Aum”, the “mn” sound, and listen intently to the sound while concentrating your attention on your 3rd eye centre.
  6. Repeat the practice 6 – 12 times.
  7. To finish, allow the breathing to return to normal and observe how you are feeling for a few moments before opening your eyes. Remain in the state of calmness for as long as you can after coming out.