Yoga Philosophy Day Testimonials Aug 2013

“Excellent workshop. It made me aware of the wider aspects of yoga. It also gave me an insight of how I can be a better person through various yoga techniques. Thoroughly recommended.”
Mitesh S


“I signed up to the workshop for the benefits, i.e., sleep better, reduce stress, etc. but learned a great deal more than I had expected. I had never considered how or why yoga had developed and so, to now understand a little of the ancient philosophy which has echoes across other belief systems, has been really interesting and also thought provoking.”
York-Sea L


“Miti and Mehul, as always, have put in a lot of thought and effort to present this vast and deep subject in a very enjoyable and informative way. An excellent workshop that inspired me to know more about yoga/Vedanta philosophy through suggested reading.”
Shamir S


“This workshop provides a deep and meaningful look at yoga. I have understood how the yoga approach is so much more than the practice of asanas and how yoga can lead you to gain meaningful contact with your inner world.”
Sheena K


“I have really enjoyed today’s workshop. It was extremely thought provoking and has left me with a lot to take away and reflect on. It’s incredibly useful to understand the context of yoga practice through learning about Vedanta and Patanjali. I feel better equipped to practice yoga holistically now, rather than just viewing asanas as physical exercises.”
Ban K


“An enlightening day. Non threatening. Fascinating. Good for mind, soul and body.”
Bernadette R


“Most interesting. Excellent balance of information, interaction, activity and meditation. Thank you.”
Christine E


“It has been a fantastic day. I have gained a greater insight into what I practice. It has made me more aware of being content with what I have and the importance of the spiritual aspects of yoga.”
Sarah W


“A very well planned and organised day. The itinerary was extremely detailed and adhered to with good breaks in between. A very well delivered workshop in terms of philosophy and asanas. A very good understanding of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga System relating to daily lifestyle. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”
Hina S


“A great workshop for understanding the origins of yoga and how the asanas relate to the “Eight Limbs of Yoga”. A thought provoking and positive day.”
James T


“”A real must for everyone considering or has attended yoga classes. Mehul and Miti talk in depth about the philosophy of yoga, which gives a greater understanding that yoga is not just a physical form of exercise, but a way of connecting with the soul by calming the mind and body. ”
Panna V


“I found the Yoga Philosophy Workshop very informative. Different practices of yoga and understanding each of the parts. I feel this workshop opened my eyes: the fact that there is so much to learn on how to improve everyday life, the way we think and what we do.”
Sejal S


“It was a very interesting workshop overall, with insight into the philosophy and a special emphasis on the spiritual. I personally enjoyed Mehul’s perspective and method of bringing about understanding, especially to those who may not necessarily be open to other spiritual aspects of life and reality.”
Christopher L


“I found the yoga workshop useful and informative. The level of yoga practiced was good and it provided an insight into the origins and philosophy.”
Dan K


“The workshop provides a holistic view of yoga, allowing you to decide on what you take or focus your yoga practice on.”
Shadi K


“Mehul and Miti’s Yoga Philosophy Workshop was really useful in teaching me about the background of yoga, providing not only concepts but their Sanskrit names and expressing how they are factors of my daily life.”
Alice J