Stress Management Workshop Testimonials (Feb 2013)

“The workshop was a model of good presentation. It was easy to follow and full of useful information, tips and techniques.”
James Thickins


“The Stress Management workshop was extremely interesting, thought provoking and well constructed. It was beautifully delivered and encouraged audience participation. I strongly recommend it.”
Liza Timmes


“Mehul, Miti and Sheena provided a range of helpful techniques to help keep stress at bay. A very enjoyable, useful workshop.”
Joanna Cook


“Mehul, Miti and Sheena delivered a very professional workshop – it was well balanced with interaction from the audience and many relaxation techniques were shared. Congratulations on delivering an excellent workshop with calmness. Good teamwork by Mehul, Miti and Sheena – well done!”
Daksha Maroo


“Thank you very much for this workshop. It was well organized, well paced and varied in activities and packed with useful information.”
Catia Clarke


“I have attended Mehul’s Wednesday evening class for two terms and now the Stress Management half day workshop. The benefits of yoga have transformed this overweight, creaky jointed sixty three year old man who retired early because of stress. I have been thoroughly delighted with the warm + friendly attitude and teaching of Mehul & Miti and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their classes to anyone of any age.”
Dr Alan Timms


“The workshop was insightful and very thought provoking. Stress can be managed and the workshop has provided methods to help. Very useful and highly recommended.”
Kashmira Naik


“Very well thought out workshop that covered lots of areas in a well paced and presented manner.”
Shamir Shah


“The Stress Management workshop was a great way to understand, examine and identify solutions to our life stresses. It provided quick, easy techniques which can easily be incorporated into everyday life and routines.”
Jacqueline Speirs


“Mehul, Miti and Sheena has demonstrated today’s workshop fantastically. I have been to other workshops but this was my first workshop on Stress Management. It has been so beneficial, and with our daily hectic lifestyle, it is very important to have time for ourselves. Mehul has provided some useful information and I would definitely recommend everyone to attend his next workshop.”
Sejal Shah


“”The workshop was clearly presented. All participants were able to contribute to the afternoon. Thought provoking and useful. We were given useful techniques to help with relaxation.”
Sarah Jardine-Willoughby


Mehul’s deep understanding of his subject makes him a very good yoga/self-help teacher. His teachings are very practical and can be easily included in day to day life. He is quite approachable and an avid listener, which makes it accessible to ask him any questions even after the sessions. I have learnt a lot and am going to include his teachings in my day to day life.”
Ankur Mittal


“Enjoyed the Stress Management session as it is relevant to everyone in all walks of life. Learnt about stress and how to control and deal with it. The techniques to deal with stress can be performed everywhere: home, office, in the car. No equipment is required! Enjoyable session!”
Chhotu Chhaya