Pranayama Day Testimonials May 2014

“Enjoyable and informative workshop, expertly delivered.”
Aarti Shah


“An interesting and informative day delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers.”
Alison Harvey


“…Both Mehul and Miti are excellent teachers and very pleasant to get to know…”
Alka Handa


“…Mehul speaks very clearly, putting things in context. His tone of voice and approach is very endearing, personable and motivating…”
Annu Shah


“As always Mehul and Miti make a fantastic team, complementing each other to deliver an interesting, interactive and stimulating day. …Fantastic day. Thank you.”
Christine Edwards


“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I feel energised, relaxed, confident and empowered…I will definitely attend another workshop!”
Dhana Gorasia


“I found today’s Pranayama Day very useful..if you organised a workshop in Finchley I would encourage lots of my friends to come… ”
Dipa Popat


“V concise day – does what it says it will. Enthusiastic presentation that has a sense of professionalism too.”
Dimpi Hirani


“Mehul is very passionate..very truthful and sincere. He has an inner conviction..”
Dina Shah


“The workshop was a fantastic day, with an equal mix of theory and practice…really interesting day and has made me want to find out more about pranayama and how I can add it to my practice on a daily basis!…Everything was explained really clearly and you always have time to go over anything we might not be sure of…Thank you for a wonderful day”
Emma Cooper


“This was my first workshop which I found very intuitive and well paced out with a wealth of useful information…It was a perfect day. Very well thought out and planned. Did not for one minute find I find it boring. Well done.”
Harsha Shah


“Once again a really excellent workshop…Great to spend a day doing something positive for my health and well-being…”
James Thickins


“The Pranayama Day was excellent and went beyond what I was expecting….I feel motivated to practice pranayama every day now..”
Mixa Shah


“..Mehul was very knowledgeable and provided an easy to understand presentation. I came to this workshop with little knowledge of pranayama but am happy to say that I am going away with a greater awareness.”
Parul Shah


“..Excellent workshop…The mixture of theory and practice was pitched at the right level… ”
Preeti Shah


“..A very comprehensive workshop of all the techniques and the benefits of each one… ”
Raju Shah


“If ever there is a workshop to incentivize me to take up pranayama, this was it. Truly priceless…Well paced. Enthusiastically delivered..”
Shamir Shah


“I found this session to be very useful… ”
Surekha Rughani


“What a fantastic day!…you had plenty of time to go into depth to explain the history, biology, theory and practice of pranayama..The day sped by and I learned so much. You make it easy to understand and bring lots of enthusiasm. Thanks!”
York-Sea Liu