Meditation Workshop Testimonials May 2013

“..Excellent.. Complex topics presented in a very simple way that enables them to be relevant to everyday life. A great motivation for using the skills, techniques and understanding taught to enhance my life… Thanks for the time and energy you have both put into making the workshop enjoyable and extremely helpful.. The warmth and care that radiates out from you both is a pleasure and delight to be around.”
Christine Edwards


“Very well planned and delivered with real feeling and enthusiasm, with no personal agenda but a sense that you are sharing this out of a desire to let others benefit from what you have discovered…Today’s workshop gave me so much food for thought. It helped structure and formalize things I already knew on some level, but now I have practical strategies on how I can tap into these ideas about finding calm, peace and wisdom on a daily basis. Today’s workshop has given me hope, optimism and deep motivation to practice meditation on a daily basis. Thank you so much for sharing.”
Ban Kubba


“Brilliant Workshop… I felt truly grounded. It was really useful to have clear techniques shown to be able to take home with me. I now know how important meditation is.. I will continue to practice at home to become a more positive and happy person”
Sarah Wilson


“The Meditation Workshop was a well planned and conducted workshop that helped me tremendously to understand-

  1. the benefits of incorporating meditation in daily routine
  2. the place meditation occupies as one piece of the jigsaw in the bigger picture of Yoga principles and philosophy
  3. a few simple easy to follow techniques to start the practice of meditation

I left the workshop with a much stronger intention to start meditation that when I entered the hall at the start 🙂 I guess the intention was there else I would have not attended the workshop but the resolve was much stronger due to the information imparted in the workshop. As always, the spread and depth of knowledge about Yoga philosophy and practice displayed by Miti and Mehul, both in the presentation of the workshop and in the answering of questions raised and discussions that followed, is truly remarkable.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to find out more about meditation and the benefits its practice will bring to your life.”
Shamir Shah


“I achieved a greater understanding of the purpose of meditation. I have also found several techniques that I can use to achieve calmness and positivity within the scope of my non-religious or spiritual beliefs…Thank you both so much for your guidance.”
Dr Alan Timms


“…A comprehensive introduction to meditation and very easy to follow. A friendly, pleasurable experience. Mehul and Miti are wonderful yoga teachers.”
Liza Timms


“..what was offered was just right…I do hope this is the start of a new chapter for me – one entitled “meditation”…many thanks to you both Mehul and Miti”
Sandhya Pinn


“I found the session extremely useful as I hear people talking about meditation but today I learnt how to actually meditate. I personally intend to start meditating from now onwards…”
Pushpa Patel


“The workshop has given me a good foundation to go forward with my meditation, which is something I have always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start.”
Sally Garner


“..The different techniques used for meditation which I was not aware of will be very useful.. the workshop was run effectively.. everyone’s questions were answered… nothing was imposed..I am going away with quite a few things to try. Thanks.”
Surya Shah


“..thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a bank holiday. Thank you.”
Angela Patel


“..Great explanations and examples. Great foundation for self-improvement.. The teachers were great.. If we all practiced meditation then the world would be a better place.. It is great that you are holding such classes..”
Rozina Didarali


“… made it easy to meditate”
Will Samuels


“..there is lots I have taken away…”
Lana King