Corporate Yoga Testimonials

“As a Managing Director I feel that the well-being of the company is directly related to the well-being of staff. Through Mehul’s expert guidance we were able to put together a yoga class that all our staff could participate in. As well as the natural benefits yoga provides I believe that the opportunity for staff to relax and exercise together added to the beneficial experience. I would certainly recommend Mehul and yoga to any business.”
Colville Wood, Managing Director, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“As a Yoga novice and not the fittest person, I attended my first Yoga class with some trepidation. I needn’t have worried as Mehul was very patient and his inclusive approach soon put everyone at ease. He is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. His infectious passion for Yoga transferred to everyone in my class and made for a highly enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend Mehul highly enough and couldn’t have wished for a better instructor.”
Darren B, Total Objects Limited, London EC3 


“I attended Mehul’s yoga classes with some work colleagues, most of us had never done any yoga before at all. Mehul adapted his classes to teach us all the basics and essence of yoga.  I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and looked forward to them.  They were very calming and an insight as to how yoga can be incorporated into my exercise routines”
Annemarie T, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“Mehul started a Yoga class at the company we both worked for. I was a complete novice to Yoga, and being 62 years of age and having a replacement hip (and the other hip fairly stiff), I was very surprised at how much I could do under Mehul’s expert guidance.

Mehul was able to teach me all the basics and show me the adaptions to use where certain postures were proving difficult. Unfortunately, Mehul left our company after a few months in order to pursue a career in teaching Yoga, but thanks to the solid grounding he provided I have been able to carry on doing Yoga at my local sports facility. I believe this would have been impossible without the training Mehul provided as the class would have been far too difficult to pick-up.

I will continue to do Yoga and I do believe it will help me to enjoy life far more. I can only wish that I had started it sooner but I wouldn’t have got started without Mehul’s teaching for which I am very grateful. “
Donald R, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“I have attended many of Mehul’s yoga classes and was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the manner in which he imparts this to his pupils. I learned much from him and always left each class with a genuine sense of well-being and calm.”
John B, Total Objects Limited, London EC3


“Mehul is a great yoga instructor who is able to run a mixed-ability class that offers a challenge for everyone. Our class all started as beginners, but as some progressed at different speeds Mehul offered different routines to keep things interesting and fresh. I often use the routines Mehul taught me at the gym as they are also a great way to warm up or cool down after a workout.”
Kenny C, Total Objects Limited, London EC3