Equestrian Pose

 Equestrian or Lunge Pose




  • Sun-Salutations-4-300x175 From Standing Forward Bend, bend the left leg at the knee and take the right leg back.
  • Both hands are underneath the shoulders, with palms flat on the floor.
  • There are two options with the back leg:
  1. Keep it straight, with the balls of the foot on the floor and the knee off the floor. Push the back heel away and encourage both the hips to drop down low, while lifting the chest and pushing it forwards.
  2. Have the knee and the top of the foot on the floor. Arch the back and push the chest forwards.
  • Push the front knee forwards as far as it will go without any strain.
  • Lift the head and look forwards.
  • Sun-Salutations-5-300x177Hold for a few breaths before returning to Standing Forward Bend and repeat with the opposite leg.




  • Stretches the groin
  • Stretches the back or front of the back leg, depending on the variation
  • Lengthens the spine
  • Opens up the chest
  • Strengthens the gluteal muscles
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Strengthens the arms
  • Strengthens the ankles
  • Stimulates the heart, solar plexus and sacral energy centers


Precautions and Contra-indications


  • Be extra careful to avoid pressure on the back knee, especially if it is on the floor. Consider placing a blanket underneath the knee to support it
  • If the neck is feeling sensitive then look down at the floor in front of you instead of lifting the head up