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Chi Kri Yoga is much more than just another form of physical exercise.  It is a multi-dimensional discipline, designed to help you strengthen and grow physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.


We also offer Private Classes, that are delivered in the comfort of your own home, as well as Workshops and Corporate Yoga. Please see the pages on this site and contact us for more details.

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We offer fun-filled, informative workshops, where participants get to explore aspects of yoga, health and well-being in depth: topics such as Stress Management, The Power of Meditation, Pranayama (yogic breathing) and Yoga for Your Back.


We would love to come and deliver workshops and seminars at your workplace, specifically tailored to meet your needs.


Mehul has spent over 23 years in competitive corporate environments and therefore understands the pressures felt. We can offer specific Chi Kri Yoga and Meditation techniques to help to focus the mind, calm down the nervous system, increase immunity and vitality.


Just get in touch with us to discuss how we can help:

mehul@chikri.com / miti@chikri.com

07931 717 788 / 07988 440 365

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Special Offers

Introduce a Friend Discount

Bring along a loved one for a trial class to experience the benefits that you have been getting. And if they join with at least 10 weeks left this term, then their trial class is completely free! And you will get £40 off when you and your friend both book the following term!

If your friend decides not to join us then their trial class will be £10, which is half our normal drop-in price.


Attend Twice per Week

We would love you all to come twice a week and get twice the benefits! 

So we are going to give you a great rate of just £11 per session if you book the full term for at least 2 sessions per week!

New students who join us after the term commences can also take advantage of this offer provided that there are at least 10 weeks left in the term and they commit to attending at least 2 sessions per week.

About Us

Ever since we were first introduced to this ancient practice many years ago, yoga has enriched all aspects of our lives immeasurably. We are healthier, happier, stronger, calmer, wiser and more confident. We feel younger, more powerful and energetic. We are also much more resilient and able to face life’s challenges with fortitude. We teach yoga for the simple reason that we also want you to also receive all these benefits.


Yoga is the most comprehensive system ever devised to improve all aspects of ourselves: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We have several classes within a short drive from Pinner, Eastcote, Northwood, Ruislip, Hatch End, Stanmore and Harrow.


Wishing you health, peace, love and strength.


Miti and Mehul.



    07988 44 03 65


I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and it has now become a way of life for me. My classes are very special to me and so are all my students. My students are cared for and treated with utmost respect. They are not judged, but listened and guided through their personal growth with compassion.



    07931 71 77 88


In 2012 I quit my highly successful career in Information Technology that spanned over 23 years so that I could be fully committed to teaching yoga. Prior to that I conducted research in Physics at Imperial College London, from where I have been awarded a PhD for my contributions to the field of Laser Spectroscopy.

You are most welcome to join us at any time, so please get in touch to see how we may help you.

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